Gloria Allred, Leftist Propagandist


Whenever a Republican runs for office or the left wants to truly demonize the opponent, they bring out Gloria Allred, hoax lawyer. She appears with a crying woman who has been allegedly abused by some GOP candidate.

Take Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman who was one of Allred’s victims. Allred found an illegal immigrant who worked for Mrs. Whitman and claimed she was something akin to her slave. The truth didn’t matter. The sound bites berating Whitman were what people remembered even after the truth came out.

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5 years ago

I watched her cousins’ interview on MSNBC, they tried to discredit him but he wouldn’t take the bait, his response to her allegations incline me to believe him, her and her dirt bag attorney sitting under the cameras while she sounded like she was reading a movie script makes me have doubts about her allegations!!!!!