Gold Star Family Booed on Way to Pick Up Son’s Body



A Gold Star family of a soldier killed by a suicide bomber on Veterans Day was BOOED by American Airlines first class passengers for delaying the flight on the way to pick up their dead son’s body.

Army Sgt. John Perry, 30, was killed in Afghanistan when he stopped a suicide bomber from reaching his target. The Sgt. was highly decorated and served two tours in Operation Enduring Freedom. He leaves behind his parents, an 8-year old sister, a wife and two small children, ages 5 and 4.

His father, Stewart Perry, said he and his family traveled on American Airlines from Sacramento to Dover Air Force Base to meet his remains. When they landed at a layover in Phoenix, the captain asked passengers to remain seated to let the family get off so they could make a connecting flight.


Even though the Captain explained why they were being allowed to leave, they were booed by the First Class passengers. They also complained loudly, saying things like, “This is just baloney,” and ” paid for first-class for this?” Perry told one newspaper.

“It was just disgusting behavior from people in first class; it was terrible to see. The American Airlines crew looked disappointed.”

The family made the connecting flight in Phoenix, as the next pilot stayed at that gate for 40 minutes so they could make it on board. They were met by Vice President Joe Biden at Dover and his courageous son was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

‘To hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a Gold Star family, and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting, and it made us cry some more,’ Perry emotionally told KOVR.

“Most importantly, I want people to know about the heroic thing that my son did,” he said.

His son stumbled on the suicide bomber before he could reach his target—a soldiers’ 5K Veterans Day run.

“He would have killed 100, 200, who knows?” he said.

The grieving father also said that his son’s death underscores why the American flag is not just a symbol for protest, but it’s sacred.

‘It’s not for protest—it’s for the death of the people that are saving us. That’s what it’s for,’ he said..



  1. The main reason then, is that there was a tight connection to a connecting vehicle for this (AND others) to make their next leg of itinerary.

    ALL CARRIERS – whether air, rail, bus, transit, etc….try to prioritise connecting passengers with *tight* connections first!

    This is not as much about a gold star family, as it is about every carrier trying to make sure that all passengers get where they are going with minimal amount of delay, and minimal expense to the carrier.

    IF the family had missed that flight, they would have to be reaccommodated on another flight….and if it was full already (and during thanksgiving week, many vehicles are already full), it might be the one after…

    misconnections result in carriers paying for meal vouchers too.

    And if the last vehicle of the night is missed, then HOTELERY expenses paid for by the carrier too!

    Then to top it all off, after the trip is over, the passengers usually want some kind of voucher or coupon for future, or a partial refund for being a day late arrival, OR they’ll get on social media and complain how bad that carrier sucks and never to ride them.

    JHEESH people, especially first class people…….there are multiple reasons to wait an extra 10 minutes IF the point is your final destination, and let someone else make their connections to continue onwards…bcs if they miss their connections, they might be 1-2 DAYS late!

    It has nothing much to do with Gold Star families….this is done daily by ALL carriers….

    Airlines do it. Amtrak does it. Greyhound does it. VIA Rail Canada does it. SNCF in France, and yup even DB in Germany, does it (although Germans and Austrians are besides themselves if a train is 3 minutes or more late! They really are a bit anal about timliness in Germany!)

    Why even city transit buses do it with each other, just tell the driver when you are boarding that you need a connection, and they punch it in on their pad for the dispatch to notify the next bus so that if it is 2-3 minutes tight, that the 2nd bus will wait so that passengers make the connection. At least on MY transit system anyway, they do that.

    now, I’M sure that AA thought that by explaining it was a Gold Star family, would have garnered more understanding…

    It is absolutely shameful that being Gold Star now meets with booing, disparagement, and derision….

    just because Trump did it, and won the election in spite of (Or maybe because of)….. does not excuse horrible American manners.

    But, since it is now open season on anyone who is not an angry white male, I will simply expect it to get worst during the next 4 years.

    Absolutely despicable. Americans should be ashamed of themselves.

    Both for those who did it…and for those others who did not condemn Trump for doing it…or voted for him even after he did it.

  2. There have been quite a few military that gave their lives and are cming thrir fellow silcoming home. In the past year’s fellow passengers have showen respect for these soldiers, even offering gratitude and respect to their escorts . Now suddenly, since Trump came on the scene, more and more idiots have become more emboldened more frequently. It’s obvious that ass holes of every style have been enboddn by by Trump’s hate speech. Trump has urged people to assault others and that he would take care if their bail, attorneys and fines. He continues to urge them on and are pulling all kinds of harassment. Hate crimes have taken a big jump. We’ve known Trump and a majority of his friends are bigoted all through his campaign. His supporters have become more emboldend and hate is going up.

    • I don’t know if you are sincere or just rolling, but hate and deceit are Alinsky tactics, not right-wing. The fact is we don’t know the political persuasions of the people in First Class but what we do know is Americans are getting nastier and that didn’t happen since Trump. Hatred and contempt for military is strictly left-wing.

      They own that.

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