Good News! IRS Is Innocent – They Deserve $70 Million in Bonuses


The IRS finished its investigation of itself and found itself innocent. There was some mismanagement and poor judgment, but no one person is responsible, according to the results of their investigation. No one did anything wrong, and no one meant any harm. Yea! I feel so much better about the $70 million in bonuses which salaried government employees are not entitled to in the first place.

Danny Werfel is the White House insider who was appointed IRS Chief by the president, who claimed he always remains independent of the agency.

Werfel completed a 60-page internal investigation that exposed a number of other organizations that were targeted, but he declined to say which organizations at the time.

Shortly after Werfel made his statement, the AP happened to obtain an internal memo that claimed the other targeted organizations had “Israel,” “Progressive,” and “Occupy” in the title.

Werfel said “Be On The Look Out” (BOLO) lists were used. The IRS says it won’t do that anymore, and Werfel described the tactic as “inappropriate.”

Werfel added:

“The fact that no evidence is surfacing as wrongdoing is an important conclusion to reach as long as it is qualified by the fact that more reviews are underway,” Werfel said when pressed by The Huffington Post as to why he was making statements that could later be contradicted by the findings of additional investigations. “And so, I’ll be as clear as I can right now. I’m not providing a definitive conclusion that no intentional wrongdoing occurred. But I’m suggesting that based on the ongoing reviews to date, no evidence has yet surfaced.”

It is all quite surprising that they are innocent of any evil intentions, though, because some of the targeted groups also had the Labor Department and FBI brought down on them. The questions asked of them were painstakingly deliberate and inappropriate, such as asking for the content of their prayers.

None of the left-wing groups came forward to complain as the scandal unfolded. One must then wonder if their groups were expedited. We need to know how long these groups waited. The reports say that there is a difference in the way these groups were treated.

Since their oversight committee didn’t or is incapable of doing their job, the IRS will form yet another program we will have to fund called the Enterprise Risk Management Program and they will do what the oversight committee is supposed to do.

The IRS is going to update its regulations and will fast-track the backlog of applications.

The most minimal changes in management were undertaken, including the resignations of temporary leaders such as Mr. Miller and one firing – Holly Paz.

Check out the IRS investigation entitled “Charting a Path Forward…” here.

Remember the 24,000 refund checks they sent to one address recently? You don’t? That’s because it quickly left the news.

Someone needs to tell me why they deserve bonuses.

Update 6/27/13:

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