Government Targets Another Innocent American


James O’Keefe is the latest target of an abusive, overly large government.

James O’Keefe, the conservative filmmaker was detained at the airport after the USCBP (Customs and Border Patrol) questioned him about his federal government investigations.

O’Keefe mentioned ACORN when asked but the agent quickly went to the one he conducted involving the federal government at the borders.

O’Keefe said, “That was the one where I legally waded into the Rio Grande dressed like Osama bin Laden and embarrassed the federal government. DHS secretary was grilled under oath. Are you telling me this is retaliation for that?”

The agent responded,  “I’m telling you that each time you go through here you will need to give an extra hour because we will do this each time. You have a prior criminal record and broke the law crossing into the United States unlawfully.”

O’Keefe then said, “It wasn’t unlawful, I did nothing but wade back and forth. Millions of Mexicans cross and you don’t detain them for unlawful entry.”

After another brief exchange, O’Keefe was hauled off.

This is the video that warrants government harassment.

This is the same agency that won’t detain illegal immigrants with gang tattoos and a history of gang crime convictions in their home country.

The Chinese are hacking all our government personnel files and building a database with it, the FBI can’t track the terrorists luring in our youth on social media, there are ISIS cells in all 50 states, but the government thinks it is important to detain James O’Keefe every time he travels in and out of the country.

The government is out of control and will continue to increase its control if not stopped.

The IRS covertly planned the targeting of conservative groups and some were then passed around other government agencies like Catherine Engelbrecht.

Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote which is a non-profit election integrity organization, was hounded by the IRS, the FBI’s domestic terrorism unit, the ATF, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and congressman Elijah Cummings accused her of racism without evidence.

The non-union Gibson Guitar Company was raided by the Department of Homeland Security with  guns drawn. That was over wood used for frets. The wood was approved for use by India but using an archaic law, the government said the wood from Madagascar was illegal.

The government likes to steal land too. Land use is under fire thanks to extremists and a government that likes to own land.

The case of Cliven Bundy was another cause for concern. He is the cattleman who won’t pay his fees for use of the water that he once had full control over because he says the government plans to eventually make it impossible for him to use it at all.

The problem for all of us should be that the government then moved onto his farm fully armed. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in full riot gear staged themselves behind promontories on his property with AKs aimed at Bundy, his family and his employees. They then confiscated his cows, killing some.

That was before any militia showed up to protect his property and before he was accused of racism. The BLM were ready to shoot the rancher and his cowhands over any instigation. They now say they will rely on the courts, which we all know are government friendly.


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7 years ago

Can not wade thei Ro Grande. Does not matter what your point is. Border Patrol does not like it. TEXANS do not like it. Do stupid shit, you have to pay. Suggest he pulls stupid shit somewhere else, we do not have the time, nor patience.

7 years ago
Reply to  james

Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha! Tell me again how the Border Patrol AND Texans don’t like people wading through the Rio Grande. That’s why we have millions of new Amigos Grande.

H8ers gonna H8.

Judy Pepenella
Judy Pepenella
7 years ago

As long as there are men and women who stand up against the tyranny, we can maintain the fight to restore our Republic.

Herbert R.
Herbert R.
7 years ago

Like the tyranny of communism, socialism establishes slavery to the State, rather than freedom of self-determination with government protecting that freedom. Gestapo tactics by our government is now the new norm and the brain-washed, clueless majority of people are tolerating this type of evil..

martha louise
martha louise
7 years ago

We need more brave men like James. This needs to be exposed because most American’s are clueless.