Great! It’s Pelosi! Yay! “We Know How to Win Elections”, She Said


Actually, this is a good thing, Nancy Pelosi will continue on as House minority leader. The vote was today and she won. The 76-year old in charge will mean more of the same and the downward spiral of the Democrat Party will continue. Tim Ryan tried to unseat her but she’s a major fundraiser for Democrat politicians and they owe here so he lost.

Ryan made a good point when he called the Democrat party the coastal party because that’s what it is. They weight heavily in favor of urban areas and pay no attention to middle America, in fact, their policies hurt the average working man and rural areas. He also talked about the need for a strong economic message.

Barack Obama is the real problem. He ruined the Democrat Party by swinging it to the hard-left. Democrats have abandoned all concern for people in favor of simply winning more Democrat voters at all costs. They don’t care about the humanitarian disaster at the border, they want Democrat voters. They no longer worry about how trade affects jobs and the economy. Philosophy overtakes all common sense.

They are the party that wants to take away our guns, our free speech and our privacy. They are the party of felons, violent communist and socialist rioters, illegal aliens, liars, so-called marginalized and separatist groups, radical LGBTQs. They worry about the KKK and other right-wing loons but those people have no say in the Republican and Conservative parties.

The radical communists and socialists, however, do have a say in the Democrat party and are pushing it further and further left.

Obama’s worst legacy is what he has done to the economy. He lies about how we are doing and the media supports his lies but the average American saw the lies for what they were and voted against his agenda. Democrats should now wake up and move to the center but it’s not likely. Their only leaders are aged socialists and the radical Keith Ellison.

What was surprising is a third of the Democrats voted for Ryan, signaling that a fair number of Democrats see her as an albatross.

She is “more vulnerable” than people thought.

It took courage for 63 Democrats to vote against her. I’m not sure that Tim Ryan would have been a positive change but they do need to change.

Nancy Pelosi will cling to power until she dies. She came out today to say, “We know how to win elections and we will win again.” Democrats lost the House, the Senate, the presidency to a man more than half the population can’t stand and a majority of the state houses are Republican. There’s a problem here for Democrats.


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