Guess Who Provided the NYC-Ferguson Protesters’ Signs



The anniversary of Michael Brown’s death is coming up this weekend and the Sentinel hopes the family has found peace, however, we don’t believe the protests and riots that ensued were ever about Michael Brown. The entire movement represents a threat to our Republic.

We reposted this short article by a guest blogger written in December of last year to bring some clarity to the matter.


If you were watching the news broadcasts about the protests in New York City, you undoubtedly saw many people carrying signs reflecting their beliefs. But wait. The people holding those signs don’t look even barely capable of having printed the signs themselves, so you might wonder who the sponsor of the rally could be.  Who furnished the signs?

Well, on the bottom of the signs is the name of the sponsor:

So, if you’re at all curious, just click right here on and see who provided those spiffy signs those idiots are holding up.  It’ll only take a second.



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