Guess Who Will Head US Taxpayer-Funded Human Rights Committee


by Alan Bergstein

Saudi Arabia is going for the record in beheadings this year, having punished, according to sharia law, 100 people as of just this past June by lopping off their heads. Cruel and inhumane? Not to the rest of the United Nations which just appointed this Muslim theocracy as head of a Human Rights committee. Please read this link: Toronto Sun

We support this organization with hundreds of millions of our tax dollars a year? But hold it! We murder nearly one million unborn kids a year who have committed no crimes at all. Murder is murder no matter how it is performed.

Editor’s Note: You might be interested in the following stories which serve as examples of how seriously Saudi Arabia violates basic human rights.

Some U.N. experts joined human rights groups to call on Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a Shiite man convicted of crimes reportedly committed as a teenager during Arab Spring protests.

Ali- al-Nimr
Ali al-Nimr

Ali al-Nimr, the nephew of activist Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, faces execution by beheading and an additional rare punishment of “crucifixion,” which means publicly displaying the body after death as a warning to others, according to Saudi state media.

“Any judgment imposing the death penalty upon persons who were children at the time of the offense, and their execution, are incompatible with Saudi Arabia’s international obligations,” the U.N. group said in a statement Tuesday, invoking the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Saudi Arabia is a party.

As a 17-year old, he protested and was with a group that attacked police.

Why waste time on prison or rehabilitation when you can go right to beheading! This is who is running a Human Rights committee we help fund.

Raif Badawi 2012
Raif Badawi 2012

Then there is the sentence of blogger Raif Badawi who will be flogged 1,000 times and will serve ten years in prison if he survives the flogging. The punishment has been temporarily halted.

His crime – he insulted Islam.

According to Human Rights Watch in its review of Saudi Arabia’s membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council, “Over the last year Saudi authorities have harassed, investigated, prosecuted, and jailed prominent peaceful dissidents and human rights activists on vague charges based solely on their peaceful practice of basic rights, particularly the right to free expression, including Abdullah al-Hamid, Mohammed al-Bajadi, Abd al-Kareem al-Khodr, Omar al-Saeed, and Raif Badawi.”

Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Said Boumedouha, said, “The flogging of Raif Badawi is a vicious act of cruelty which is prohibited under international law. By ignoring international calls to cancel the flogging, Saudi Arabia’s authorities have demonstrated an abhorrent disregard for the most basic human rights principles.”

Badawi’s family have fled to Canada.




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