Gun Grabbers Hoped This Would Kill the Second Amendment But…


CBS News is disappointed that the private market won’t “stem the violence” from mass shootings. They want it stemmed, not by dealing with mental illness that drives these mass shooters to commit their crimes, but by boycotting the gun manufacturers.

There is a campaign to bankrupt them but it’s failing. It would be a great end run around the Second Amendment if it worked.

The successful push to get institutional investors like teachers’ unions to divest from the weapons industry has been canceled out by the rising gun sales after the mass shootings, according to CBS.

The left has made extraordinary efforts to depict firearm manufacturers’ stocks as “sin” stocks. Some funds won’t “touch anything firearm-related.”

The California teachers’ pension fund divested and even dumped stocks from the Freedom Group because they are the makers of the rifle used in Sandy Hook.

The left has successfully convinced many that the rifles are to blame.

The left has even gone so far as to have rid themselves of stocks from retailers that sell weapons, including Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Cabela’s, another sporting goods chain.

Some large investment companies promote their social beliefs. Vanguard, for example, screens for “certain social, human rights and environmental criteria.”

The left is hopeful this will eventually work in damaging or destroying gun manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the left mourns the climbing value of stocks like those of Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger.

“The question of whether one can do well by doing good is still highly unresolved, so any ideas that promote change based on the economic argument only are highly controversial,” said Marcin Kacperczyk, a professor of finance at London’s Imperial College. “My personal view is the change is an economic cost that has to be born by either a firm or the society. In the end, the society might be willing to lean toward such outcome.”

The left thinks they are doing good by eliminating the right to self-defense. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens will do no good whatsoever and killers will still exact their revenge on the world.

If that doesn’t work they will go after anyone who opposes them as is the case of Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin who is under fire as a conspiracy theorist who the Brady Campaign want fired because of his comments in support of the Second Amendment after the shooting at Umpqua Community College. There is no disagreeing with these people.



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