Gun Violence Is Like Guardrails


Hat tip to Gary Spina for sending the story my way.

The Highway Department might be the downfall of the Second Amendment. At least it will be if some “experts” have their way.

The following story is an attempt at a theory about and a solution to gun violence.

The theory goes like this – gun violence is “like a virus, a car, tobacco or alcohol.”

Fear not, we can solve it with a “public health approach to the problem, like the highway safety measures, product changes and driving laws that slashed deaths from car crashes decades ago, even as the number of vehicles on the road rose.”

The example used is “Guardrails are now curved to the ground instead of having sharp metal ends that stick out and pose a hazard in a crash.” People “speared themselves and we blamed drivers for that.”

If you’re wondering what this has to do with gun violence, you’re not alone.

This theory comes from “gun violence experts” like Dr. Stephen Hargarten, who blames the recent horrific violence at the Sikh Temple on guns.

“Mass shooting are not on the rise, violent crime has been falling and the murder rate is less than half what it was two decades ago”  according to the same story, but that won’t deter the supporters of this theory.

Hargarten cagily calls for national product safety for firearms. “Unlike almost all other consumer products, there is no national product safety oversight of firearms,” he wrote in the Wisconsin Medical Journal.

“Experts” claim other causes of gun violence are drinking, owning a firearm, type of weapons owned, people convicted of violent misdemeanors are getting guns, and gun ownership is contagious.

This theory is a sneak attack on the second amendment under the guise of harmless highway-safety-type measures for guns with the backing of “mental health experts.”

It couldn’t be that the murderers are to blame and would get guns no matter what laws are in place?

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The research came from a nightclub [Okay, I’m kidding]:


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