Hannity to Interview Hacker Who Says Seth Rich Is the DNC Leaker


There has been no evidence yet proving Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, but there is some reason to believe it might be the case. We have a hacker who says he knows for certain it’s the case.

A former D.C. detective and Fox News commentator, Rod Wheeler did some investigating and found an unnamed FBI source who said he saw the FBI documents and Seth Rich’s computer. The source concluded from the information he saw that Rich was in touch with Wikileaks.

Mr. Wheeler also said he was told to “stand down” in the case. A police officer told him, “Rod, we were told to stand down on this case, and I can’t share any information with you.”

The bartender of the bar where Mr. Rich was last seen before he was shot said the police never interviewed him or customers so far as he knew. No one asked for the surveillance tape in the bar.

Seth Rich’s parents disputed the findings because there is no hard evidence and their son’s death has been politicized. Rod Wheeler then walked back his comments.

We now have a 400lb hacker Kit DotCom claiming he was involved in the leaking and was in touch with Seth Rich. He is willing, he says, to give testimony even though he is a wanted man.

Kim Dotcom, a bona fide hacker, and for a while the #1 ranked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player in the world – claims to be the key to the mystery. He has been tweeting Sean Hannity that he is the evidence.

Additionally, Reddit “autists” claim to have found Seth Rich’s Reddit account, email addresses, and Twitter accounts – one of which was in support of candidate Bernie Sanders. That could be a reason for Rich to have grown disgusted with the DNC corruption. Bernie was cheated of votes by a conniving DNC.

There is also the $20,000 reward offered by Wikileaks for information leading to the killer(s) of Seth Rich. There could a whole host of reasons for that, one of them to distract from Russia or it could be Rich was the leaker.

Reddit’s burying the Seth Rich comments because they undoubtedly view it as a conspiracy.

Kim Dotcom is Kim Schmitz and he is wanted by the FBI, the Justice Department, and Hollywood.

Accused of creating a medium where independent users of his site could upload, share and distribute files such as Hollywood movies, Dotcom can’t leave New Zealand.

Despite that, he said he would give testimony.

The Sentinel doesn’t think Kim Dotcom is legit but one never knows and Hannity is going to give him a hearing if he wants it. Let’s see what he says, but unless he has evidence and shows up on Hannity’s show, it’s probably just another hoax. The hacker could be seeking attention, something he likes to do or he could be hoaxing Hannity.

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