Happy Thanksgiving! Obama Issues Most Expensive Ozone Reg Yet


It’s the day before Thanksgiving and Obama has a gift for people who hate fossil fuels though it will make the rest of us sick. Today, Barack Obama will issue the most expansive and expensive ozone pollution regulation yet under the cover of protecting public health and meeting the challenge of climate change.

Environmental extremists and government toadies in public health applaud the move.

Business groups charge that it would be the costliest regulation of all time.

It brings us one step closer to the demise of coal by these de-industrialists.

The proposed regulation will lower the current threshold for ozone pollution from 75 parts per billion to a range of 65 to 70 parts per billion according to the NY Times article out today. That range is less stringent than the standard of 60 parts per billion sought by environmental groups, but the E.P.A. proposal would also seek public comment on a 60 parts-per-billion plan, keeping open the possibility that the final rule could be stricter.

It will be 60. The leftist groups are very organized and can handle public comments while the rest of us sit on our couches blissfully unaware.

Air quality has improved dramatically over the past decades, and air quality will continue to improve under the existing standards,” said Howard Feldman, director of regulatory affairs for the American Petroleum Institute, which lobbies for the oil industry. “The current review of health studies has not identified compelling evidence for more stringent standards, and current standards are protective of public health.”

Any comment from the Petroleum industry is regarded as a cue to the left do the opposite. They hate fossil fuels.

Next year, the E.P.A. is expected to make final two more historic Clean Air Act rules aimed at cutting planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. Those rules will lead to the shutdown of hundreds of power plants and freeze construction of future coal plants.

It will be the end of coal and it will come at great cost to the citizens.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the incoming majority leader, has vowed to block or overturn the entire group of rules.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to take up a challenge led by industry groups against another E.P.A. rule intended to curb emissions of mercury from coal plants.

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