Harry Reid Is Operating Like Putin Says One Senator


Reid, Putin of the Senate

Sen. Bob Corker, angry with Sen. Harry Reid and the heavy-handed tactics he uses to silence the opposition party, said Reid’s use of the “nuclear option” is “reprehensible.”

Republicans are slowing down Obama’s ambassador nominations in response to the nuclear option, using the few rules they have left to pressure Reid.

Corker told reporters at a breakfast roundtable hosted by the Christian Science Monitor that giving in would encourage the Democrats to take even more advantage of the situation.

Corker compared the situation to Putin’s show of force during the Ukraine crisis by holding war games and amassing to the East of the Ukraine.

“If you allow people to just run roughshod over you, just like we’re seeing right now, with Putin in Russia right?” said Corker. “He’s getting no pushback from the United States, so why not do the things that I’m doing? If you don’t have any push back, then obviously people will see a way to do even more of those things down the road.”

Obama reached out to Corker last spring but Corker said he later realized that Obama didn’t mean it and that Reid has no interest in debate.

“The United States Senate will not ever function in an appropriate way with the leadership we have in place,” said Corker, who has committed to help elect enough Republicans to give the GOP control after the fall midterm elections.

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