Harvard Kennedy School of Government To Orient New Students In White Privilege


The Harvard Kennedy School of Government will drag first year students into the nihilistic version of social justice by requiring them to check their “privilege” at the door and take a first year student orientation class, “Check Your Privilege 101”.

We’ve come a long way from making our youth feel good about themselves. Youth are certainly not allowed to think of themselves as exceptional if they are white and have talent, intelligence and/or money, especially if they have money.

Social Justice is defined as justice being the equal distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. It aims to spread out resources equally no matter what a person contributes. There will be even more racial sensitivity training in all of this.

Harvard Kennedy School of Government will require a class in power and privilege to its orientation program for incoming first-year students. The students will be told to check their privilege at the door. This is according to a New Yorker article.

Privilege has been used to analyze social inequality for decades and the leftist activists are thrilled to see it having its “moment” thanks to social justice bloggers.

They claim it is not to make people feel guilty but they want to convey this message to students: “Maybe I don’t deserve it, and all these other people equally deserve it but never even had a shot.”

It’s hard to see how that won’t be guilt-inducing.

They’re going to train faculty in privilege and power as well.

While denying it will be liberal touchy-feely nonsense, they at the same time described a liberal touchy-feely training program.

Who knows, maybe something good will come of it.



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