Hating Wall Street Could Get You a ‘Beautiful Revolution’



Venezuela’s “beautiful revolution” isn’t popular anywhere these days. Maduro’s party lost big in the last election.

Nicolas Maduro has finished off Venezuela, a downfall begun by his predecessor and fellow comrade Hugo Chavez. Both blamed the rich for all the problems people faced and now Maduro is blaming his triple-digit inflation on a food company.

Maduro called Lorenzo Mendoza, head of food giant Empresas Polar SA, a “thief” and a “traitor” on national TV for allegedly conspiring against his socialist government and meeting with his political opponents outside Venezuela’s borders.

The Polar billionaire wants Maduro to provide private enterprise with desperately needed currency.

Maduro blames his disastrous economy on his rivals waging a smear campaign.

Soaring prices and shortages of everything from meat to toilet paper are not his fault, Maduro insists, even though he controls the prices, the currency, all pillars of society.

The shortage of drugs has sent cancer-ridden people to veterinarians for animal medications.

Corruption, dysfunction, over-control, rampant inflation – 68%, the near-collapse of the bolivar, and the end of the oil bonanza, the corrupt government didn’t make use of, has brought the country to its knees.


Scarcity of basic goods, such as toilet paper, beer, and diapers, a shortage of plane tickets for those who dare to flee the country, and a national currency that is barely worth more than monopoly money are the fixtures of Venezuela’s 21st-century socialist economy.

Venezuelans line up for hours in the hope a truck will come by with rice or toilet paper. Salaries are in the sewer and many barricade themselves in their homes because crime is out of control.

Venezuelan food lines
Venezuelan food lines

The healthcare system is crumbling, drugs are scarce for the most serious illnesses and diseases exposing tens of thousands to disease. In the 1960s, Venezuela was relatively free of malaria but ‘revolution’ and its consequent poverty, inadequate housing, and lack of medical planning have brought it back, and the government is trying to cover it up.

So much for universal healthcare.

People have been forced to use a wide range of medicines for animals, from steroids to antibiotics and creams for skin conditions.

Venezuela is an oil rich nation now importing oil from the United States.

Venezuela makes the decisions about what products are sold and at what price. In a free market, the people decide and they are free to make decisions about savings, investment, production and consumption.

Maduro’s solution to the disaster his totalitarian ideology has created is – remarkably – more socialism.

“If you can’t handle your companies, hand them over to the people,” Maduro said.

This is what hating the rich, hating Wall Street, growing government will get you. This is socialism! Go Sanders!  Go Hillary!


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