Hillary Bombs in Pennsylvania With a Teeny Little Crowd of Under 200


Hillary bombed in Pennsylvania today. She was with Tim Kaine and the two of them couldn’t draw 200 to their photo-op stop. Is was an invitation only no-show event. How many of those in the crowd were her entourage, one must wonder.

Her staff were asking the attendees to take loyalty oaths.

Trump has a theory.



  1. If it’s Hillary’s entourage you can figure at least half of the 200 were hers. After the Hillster left she probably had a hissy fit in her limo.

    • I hope not. Kkk Trump is also a terrible choice. Jill Stein is Bernie sanders. Jill stein for president. Vote your values people. Not your fears. #nevertrump #nevershillary #jillnothil #jillsteinforpresident #bernieorbust

      • Jill Stein has no support…..no ability to serve on an international scale….and will have no negotiating ability with world leaders…… Voting for her is like a vote for nothing……make your vote count…..your values can come later when Trump dismantles the Washington Elite….she might have a fighting chance then….. these protest votes are ridiculous

        • Voting Green world wide is the only option. Every neoliberal govt except Germany has shown no interest in peace and a habitable planet.

        • Jill has ethics and the ability to pick excellent advisers. If your values don’t come up when you may as well throw them away.

        • Jill Stein is rising and raising millions fast since Bernie endorsed Hillary. Grow a spine and don’t vote for mountains of dead innocents and the end of voters having a voice in this country.

        • ..heard this same simple, scurrilous shite before Obama was elected.. sigh.
          You obviously have zero comprehension of impending eco catastrophes. Maybe try reading up on some scary science.. the sciency stuff NOT mentioned by either of the two unsustainable moon-bots you seem to condone over realistic, truthful, hopeful candidates..

        • HillLIARy can’t bear Drumpf, she’s the spoiler in thus race. You had a chance to win with Bernie but your corruption got the better if you. We’re voting for Jill Stein. A vote for hilLIARy is a vote for Drumpf

        • Oh yeah? Jill Stein has no support? Tell that to the MILLIONS of #DemExit voters who are flocking to the Green Party. Oh, btw, DR. Jill just chose an AWESOME VP candidate. We got this.

      • You’ve got to be joking Virgilio………the Democrats started the KKK…..and Senator Bird…..Hillary’s idol was a promoter of them until a few years ago when he died…. DO SOME QUALITY research before you say these BS comments. GOOGLE Senator Bird and the KKK…..he’s a democrat……and if reading isn’t your thing…..take $8 bucks and go to the movies and see the DOCUMENTARY Hillarys America…….documentary’s are not promotions for people…..just the facts…… you might just come out of there stunned at what you learn……..


          • What a laugher! Muslim apologists bringing about wars from thousand yes ago. Islam is inherently an evil, brainwashing cult.

          • Same here Ria, I’m 73 years old, a lifelong Democrat and leaving the Party because a right-wing corporate plutocrat war hawk like Hillary is NOT an acceptable candidate to me. These fools at the Clinton Machine controlled DNC could have had Bernie and a comfortable lead over Trump, they’ve made their own bed and I for one will no longer lay in it. #JillSteinGreenParty #NoMoreCorruptClintons #Demexit

            • The only vote wasted is the person who stays at home. FFS do your research. Rump isn’t going to “save” us from anything. Clinton will sell out America in a skinny minute. The DNC/Clinton machine decided to suppress voters, commit treason by rigging an election. This is not hype, it’s a fact. Jill Stein has taken over the reins where Senator Sanders left off. America and her citizens are hanging in the balance. Our closest allies are saying NO to Trump. Russia is whispering war if Clinton gets in. People need to wake up and demand better instead of laying down and accepting the choice of the lesser of two evils. The 2 party establishment is broken, and we deserve better. Grow a spine! #NeverHillary #DemExit #JillNotHill

            • Very close friends with the Clintons for decades. Chelsea and Ivanka are very close friends. You are being set up by Trump and you can’t even see it. He is there for Hillary to win, he is her ace in the hole. He will continue to say more and more outlandish things now that she is the nominee in order to push people to her. I have never seen so many shmucks all at one time.

          • Although they are surging in the polls, neither the Green Party candidate (Jill Stein) nor the Libertarian Party candidate (Gary Johnson) have a chance in hell of winning the general election. Any vote for Stein is a throe-away vote, taking a vote from Hillary. Any vote for Johnson is a throw-away vote and takes a vote from Trump. Unfortunately for Hillary, many of the 11 millions of former Sander’s supporters who voted for Obama, if they vote at all, are supporting Stein.

      • Virgilio, first of all what does KKK Trump mean??? Because someone or some group endorses you does not mean you asked for their endorsement so get off of your high horse and do a reality check. That is just a lie and you I guess are too stupid to even fact check evidently. Jill Stein, yeah, like she is really going to win??? I’m sure she is a wonderful person but she is not going to win. What is it with people like you who post lies and think it is ok?? Trump never ever said one time that he wanted an endorsement from the KKK

      • You know that the Democrats are the party of the KKK right? Also Trump’s son-in-law and daughter are both Jewish. Orthodox all of The Campaign lies should not be believed. The DNC is using the tricks from the Nazi propaganda machine. Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it end quote

      • You mean the same Bernie that is for Hillary and before he was against her? The same guy who sold himself to #nevershillary????

      • Why is KKK Clinton any better? Because they are more Politically savvy NOT to use certain words in public. The illusion of the Clintons is so crazy that we even referred to Bill as “the first Black President” because he wore shades and Played the sax on Arsenio Hall’so show.

        He is only responsible for destroying more Black families than any other modern day president combined. Making Crack 100 to 1 to Cocaine. He increased the prison population for blacks 26x more by the time he left office. Oh and Hillary referred to Young Black Men as “super preditors…that we must make heel.” Yes she said heel, as if they were dogs. Do your homework.

        This is why I am pushing for Bernie and Jill Stein. Don’t be the typical ignorant voter.

      • Voting for Jil or Ben would mean my military days were wasted. My values are provide for the truly needy and make it possible for people to succeed. Ben and Jil just want top provide for the slackers

      • The KKK was started by Jim Crow. Jim Crow was a ex-Confederate soldier who ran for Sherriff of Paluski Country Tennessee after the war and lost to a Copperhead Republican. Jim Crow, a Democrat, then started the KKK. Democrats were the Slave Owners. Republicans broke away from the Whig Party in 1854 to “Abolish Slavery”. If not for Republicans in the Civil War, Black Americans would still be in Bondage to their Democratic Slavers.

      • Actually Johnson has a far superior record in actually executing public policy and unifying the parties. Also he’s on the ballot in all 50
        States which is essential to making an impact.
        Hopefully he will
        Allowed to participate in the debates

      • Sorry, we’re voting Trump. His economic plan to pull us out of the Obama quagmire is excellent, and his national security plan targets problems on illegal immigration, ISIS, anarchy, law and order.

      • If you vote your values then you would vote 4 trump. What are your valuess? Abortion rights? Which a tually target backamericans. Some of you people are so dumb. Any protest vote against trump is a vote indirectly 4 the wwicked which

      • Let me say a word or two. 1. The kkk would never allow a republican into any of their meetings, call ed them Spy’s for the frigging bastardized idiots. Hillery is the Cary over of Robert kkk Byrd. You know the Grand Dragon.
        2. Margarette Sanger started planned Parenthood to” cleanse the earth of gnats and flees. Her name for the poor and minorities. 3. Welfare, HUD, EBT, FOODSTAMPS ECT are tools to keep poverty alive in gettoes and make dependency a way if life. HUD Builds gettoes.
        Demoncraps are a evil from hell for those wanting jobs. Higher taxes less jobs. It’s that simple!

    • Sorry Don..I have no confidence in that. I am hoping that..however, when I watched the Benghazi hearings I thought for SURE this idiot in there now did not have ANY chance…well, they put it all off until AFTER the “cough” “cough” election so he could get in. Its a sad day but its the truth. The movie will not change anything because the people that go to it dont like her anyway. So whatever will be will be. Sure hope she doesnt get in.

      • It’s a vote for nothing…..she has absolutely no chance and only puts Hillary in…… She is NOT the peoples choice…..never won one primary…… ridiculous…..these protest votes mean nothing and you accomplish nothing……stay home….that would be more meaningful….

        • Please do not stay home. Skip a vote for the top of the ticket if none have earned your vote, but there are a ton of downticket candidates that have more of an effect on your day to day life than the president. And there are funding bonds and ballot initiatives to vote on. For the love of all that is holy, vote. The DNC is more afraid of their pay masters than of losing the election. They had a candidate that beat Trump by double digits. If they aren’t afraid of a Trump presidency then I won’t be either.

  2. Ifbyou backed Bernie there is literally only one person you can vote for if you vote your values. Stein. She is identical to Bernie in every non superficial way. Same exact platform with the balls to be pushed to the max with out backing down. If you want a president that would as soon as go to jail before selling out the american people, Stein is your choice. She’s been to jail at least 3 times for refusing to give up her voice and refusing to give up speking for the american people. If you want a president with some real balls, Jills your choice now.

  3. If you backed Bernie there is literally only one person you can vote for if you vote your values. Stein. She is identical to Bernie in every non superficial way. Same exact platform with the balls to be pushed to the max with out backing down. If you want a president that would as soon as go to jail before selling out the american people, Stein is your choice. She’s been to jail at least 3 times for refusing to give up her voice and refusing to give up speaking for the american people. If you want a president with some real balls, Jill’s your choice now.

  4. Hard to get real people to show up, when you buy seatfillers and twitter accounts. She has never drawn a crowd, never will.

  5. Not a supporter by any means, but the reason the crowd was so small is because the event was closed to the public. Even the workers of the wire mill where this took place weren’t welcome. Those roughly 200 people that did attend were either city officials or brought in by Hillary’s campaign as plants.

    • If you are accurate, that is even worse. She has fake rallies basically. That’s what she did during the primary – stacked the deck.

    • When Hillary came to Beaumont, Texas, there were no preople but security there. There was no advanced notice because only rich, doctors, lawyers, etc of a certain nationality were invited. She zipped to the host’s house. Vacuumed up all the money and was gone. She never came back to the area. But Donald did.

  6. Sanders filled stadiums. she cant fill one small room…. The DNC GOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY LIED CHEATED AND STOLE FOR… AN UNELECTABLE CANDIDATE. … #JillnotHill #NeverHillary #CorruptionIsNotAnOption #theRevolutionContinues…

  7. In typical fashion, your information is wrong and the facts have been distorted. It was not a rally in Johnstown, PA. Hillary was touring a newer, modernized wire mill at the sight of a former Bethlehem Steel plant. It was open to the employees of the plant and their families to whom she spoke after her tour. A rally was held later in Pittsburgh at the David L Lawrence Convention Center which was so crowded that hundreds of people could not get in to hear her. Video screens were provided outside for their viewing pleasure.

    • Call it what you like, people didn’t show. It was one of her photo ops. Like everything she does–it was without substance. She had to cancel one stop in Cleveland for lack of interest. I love how you say wrong as usual, I’m sure you read my site regularly.

  8. A lot of women are enthralled by this “first woman president” thing, but personally I would rather vote for a paper cup. Not the kind of role model I want for my daughter.

  9. Jill is a lovely person, gives a good speech and attractive but she is not Bernie Sanders. Not even close. If Bernie couldn’t make it in a year how can she in 100 days? She is a whisper in the wind. Don’t waste your vote. Bernie says vote for HRC. I believe Bernie.

    • You wanna hear something great! Bernie can still become president!!! If for some reason, Hillary is forced out (I’ll let you come up with those ideas) Bernie could step right in. He never released his delegates, was nominated & seconded, they haven’t endorsed Hillary…and he’s still an active candidate. I just thought you all should know.

      I know, I know…. it’s a long shot but, I was told the Other side picked Bernie & to keep the faith. #StillSanders

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