Hillary Gave a Speech That Would Make Any Socialist Proud



The DNC stage now has flags everywhere after they were criticized on Monday for having none. They were also blasted for not having widows of police officers speak so they had four in attendance Thursday evening who were then subjected to chants from Black Lives Matter because that is who the Democrats are now.

Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first person to self-identify as a woman. She has spent 40 years in public service achieving nothing, but just give her four more years and she will do better.

The performance last night was theatrical with Hillary painted as a serene savior just as Obama was portrayed in 2008 as she screamed her speech out at us.

She wore white for purity and to match her angelic smiles throughout. When Melania Trump wore white, she was called a racist for it. The white pantsuit symbolism was also intended to make her appear as the “light” in comparison to Trump who the left described as “dark”.

Democrats in attendance were given flags and were told to stand, wave them, and chant “USA” if they heard boos or chants from the anti-Hillary groups. It was also a way to steal Trump’s thunder as the only patriot in the race but Hillary’s Socialist platform and lies gave her away.

Sinclair Lewis famously said, “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Her speech was preceded by her charming  daughter using hyperbolic language to describe her mother.

During her acceptance speech, Hillary clearly said our “Democracy” is not working as it should.

We are no longer a Republic to these people.

Hillary said that “it takes a village” to run government and tried in vain to tie it to the Founding Fathers. She’s promoting the collective. It’s not what the Founding Fathers had in mind no matter how much the left quotes the Declaration of Independence, waves flags, and pretends they are patriots. The Founding Fathers never envisioned people paying up to 50% to 90% of their salary to pay for freebies for handout-takers programs.

She made a strong pitch that her party is the party of the working people and presented a long list of freebies she plans to give out. Oh, and she wants full amnesty for everyone here. The US census bureau is anticipating at least ten million more illegals will come into the country during Hillary’s first four years and that doesn’t include refugees.

This is what she promoted in her speech:

  • It would be “inhumane” to kick out the millions of illegal immigrants in this country, she said.
  • She wants the minimum wage to be a Marxist living wage.
  • Affordable healthcare is a right, she proclaimed.
  • Clinton wants to expand Social Security to people who didn’t earn it, such as women who stayed home to care for children.
  • A new massive stimulus will take place in her first 100 days. That is what Obama did at the beginning of his term and it failed.
  • College tuition will be free and debt-free for all. She will eliminate student debt. Taxpayers will pay for this — especially when every deadbeat heads for college.
  • Small businesses will get more loans.
  • Paid family leave is also on her agenda.

All of this will be on the back of all taxpayers and businesses while we are almost $20 trillion in debt. She thinks the rich and Wall Street can pay for all this and everyone knows that is not the case. She is going to “follow the money” and then steal it. If companies ship jobs overseas, she will punish them and take their wealth.

“I’ll never let Wall Street wreck Main Street,” she said straight-faced, while she is taking millions from Wall Street.

It’s ironic that she is promising to go after Wall Street when she is fully funded by Wall Street. She speaks out of both sides of her mouth. Hillary has a history of rewarding her benefactors.

We are at a “moment of reckoning”, Hillary said, referring to the economy and national security, both of which have been a problem under Barack Obama and her.  She is running as Obama’s third term.

“America is once again at a moment of reckoning. Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. Bonds of trust and respect are fraying. And just as with our founders there are no guarantees. It’s truly is up to us. We have to decide whether we’re going to work together so we can all rise together.”

She talked of national security and thinks she put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program. The nuke deal actually allows Iran to get the bomb, just not until ten years out. Her plan is to continue the current failed plan.

“Anyone reading the news can see the threats and turbulence we face. From Baghdad and Kabul, to Nice and Paris and Brussels, to San Bernardino and Orlando, we’re dealing with determined enemies that must be defeated. No wonder people are anxious and looking for reassurance — looking for steady leadership.”

General Allen, now working for the left-wing think tank, Brookings, spoke before her and said only Hillary can solve our problems in the Middle East but the fact is that she is the one who lit those fires.

Hillary is going to defeat ISIS on social media and promised it won’t be “quick”. She will employ the same approach Obama has employed.

She did none of the things she promised to do while secretary of state and you’d have to be pretty naive to believe her.

She spent a lot of time bashing Trump, accusing him of stiffing small businesses.

About Trump, Hillary said, “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons”. She then quoted Jackie Kennedy to suggest Trump was a “little man” driven by “fear and pride”. After which, she condemned him for being in the pocket of the gun lobby.

It’s interesting that she would use his tweets against him. He’s used them to great success and he’s used them to respond instantly to the dishonest media.

About guns, she said she doesn’t want guns in the hands of “people who shouldn’t have them in the first place.

People are killed by “gun violence”, she claimed. She did not acknowledge the sociopathy in these gang areas or terrorism as the causes.

She didn’t bother repeating something she has said more than once — that she doesn’t agree with the Heller decision, in other words, the decision that guarantees every individual has the right to self-defense with a firearm.

Hilary railed about the systemic prejudice allegedly in the local police departments, in other words, she will federalize them.

“Enough with the bigotry and bombast,” she scolded as she claimed she will get people good jobs, something she has no record of achievement in doing. On the other hand, Trump has created thousands of jobs.

This is the man who will handle our economy. He fell asleep during her speech.


Trump responded by saying Hillary is not talking about ISIS, the debt, crime, the economy, the real world.

Here is Hillary’s full speech: