Hillary Says Americans Will Have to Change Their Personal and Religious Beliefs


Hillary Clinton said that Americans will have to change their religious convictions and cultural codes so they can pass laws. Convictions and belief systems of citizens should not stand in her way. Cultural codes and religious beliefs have to change, Hillary said. She made the comments in April of last year at the the sixth annual Women in the World Summit. She’s not only talking about foreign nations, her views are extreme and she wants those extreme views to dominate.

Instead of worrying about Fascism by Trump, people might want to look to the real and substantiated Fascism of Mrs. Clinton.

Americans have to change their beliefs because she says so? She will tell us what to think?

She was mostly referring to abortion but she can extend that to anything. She’s now the thought police.

In addition, Tim Kaine who claims to be personally against abortion, agreed to repeal the Hyde Amendment in exchange for the VP position.

What a loser.

The Hyde Amendment is a 1976 provision that bans the use of federal dollars for abortion services. The government under Clinton will force Americans to pay for abortion even if they see it as murder.

Even for pro-abortion activists, this should be a warning sign. If they can mandate this, they can mandate anything. What kind of government tells us what we are allowed to believe in? The government now dictates our beliefs?

This is the woman, or at least she self-identifies as a woman, who thinks the Second Amendment is not a constitutional right.

Hillary Suggests the Second Amendment Is NOT a Constitutional Right

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6 years ago

I hate to say it but that is one thing that does need to change. Religion has interfered in way to much of society and religion doesn’t have a place in society to say who we can marry and what we can do. Religion is literally being used as a weapon to change and take away peoples freedom.

grosir jaket parka
6 years ago

I thank the author for the article.
Clearly, our once civil society, is falling apart; bursting at the seams.

Paul VanAssche
Paul VanAssche
6 years ago

Coexistent, respect and compassion for those of different religions, cultures and lifestyle choices does not mean compromising or abandoning ones’ beliefs, but requires but two things taught by Jesus: love for all and leaving the judging to God and St. Peter at the pearly gates.

William Person
William Person
6 years ago

When are Republicans, Trump, ANYONE going to address this issue as what it is, essentially Globalism verses Nationalism?? Turning America into another European country is not going to help the world expand and grow. Asking Americans to give up their individual beliefs, religion, cultural expectations to accommodate those who feel we have too much and others have to little is not progressive. It is backward. You don’t help people by destroying the strongest among you. Think of it this way–Would you learn to play golf from your neighbor who shoots 96 or would you want to learn from Tiger Woods. You can not learn anything from your local duffer. You have to have strong players to learn from!! This world needs strong countries to lead this world to a higher standard of living and greater peace!!.
If Killary is elected you can EXPECT the Bill of Rights to be under assualt because to accomplish what she, Obummer, Globalists, and Saul Alinsky believe is that they know best for all of us and we should all just fall in line, Give me your freedoms!!

6 years ago

I wonder which Americans will have to change their religious convictions and cultural codes. What a joke, this could be the beginning of the end for our way of life. With 8 years of Obama setting the stage for the transformation of our country the next 4 to 8 years will surely be the end of all the things that make this country great and it’s people proud.

I was asked if I would leave the country if Hillary won the election and I of course, said no way. I love my country too much and for me it is not about loving or hating my country. Now, I have been thinking about all of the idiots who say they will leave this wonderful country of ours if Trump wins and I say they can’t possible love their country if they are willing to give it up.

One last thing, all republican politicians better know this, if it is determined that they did not vote in the elections because of Trump I will on November 9th change my party to independent and will never vote for a Republican again in the presidential elections. If anybody thinks I am wrong because I will be giving my vote to the other side well, first thing is it won’t matter after 4 to 8 more years of the transformation and secondly, isn’t that what the republican politicians are doing this time!

I am very serious about this!