Hillary Says Americans Will Have to Change Their Personal and Religious Beliefs


Hillary Clinton said that Americans will have to change their religious convictions and cultural codes so they can pass laws. Convictions and belief systems of citizens should not stand in her way. Cultural codes and religious beliefs have to change, Hillary said. She made the comments in April of last year at the the sixth annual Women in the World Summit. She’s not only talking about foreign nations, her views are extreme and she wants those extreme views to dominate.

Instead of worrying about Fascism by Trump, people might want to look to the real and substantiated Fascism of Mrs. Clinton.

Americans have to change their beliefs because she says so? She will tell us what to think?

She was mostly referring to abortion but she can extend that to anything. She’s now the thought police.

In addition, Tim Kaine who claims to be personally against abortion, agreed to repeal the Hyde Amendment in exchange for the VP position.

What a loser.

The Hyde Amendment is a 1976 provision that bans the use of federal dollars for abortion services. The government under Clinton will force Americans to pay for abortion even if they see it as murder.

Even for pro-abortion activists, this should be a warning sign. If they can mandate this, they can mandate anything. What kind of government tells us what we are allowed to believe in? The government now dictates our beliefs?

This is the woman, or at least she self-identifies as a woman, who thinks the Second Amendment is not a constitutional right.

Hillary Suggests the Second Amendment Is NOT a Constitutional Right



    • I will not be lectured to by this useless piece of crap. She needs to put her own worthless life in order. Imagine being told what to do by a lesbian. Not happening.

      • If you actually pay attention to what she is saying she’s saying in the process of law not in day to day life because not everyone has the same beliefs so we can’t back law with religion

  1. No, no, no. This article is not an accurate summary of what she said. She’s not talking about government dictating beliefs. She’s talking about doing the work of changing hearts and minds. She’s essentially talking about the same kind of marketing campaign that led to support for ending slavery, women’s suffrage, civil rights, and and lgbt rights. There is nothing nefarious about suggesting that we need to change people’s minds. That is, after all, the point of political debate. Changing peoples minds. Stop deliberately misrepresenting what she is saying.

    • It’s exactly accurate. We have to change our beliefs to fit hers. If we don’t believe in abortion we will have to pay for it anyway. She is going to pass laws according to her beliefs and we will just have to give up our right to conscience in this because she said so.

      • I don’t live in America…but I pity you poor bastards who want to vote…what a choice….clinton or trump 🙁

        • Let’s vote now. Clinton has no region and she demanded me to change. My religion won’t let me say FUxK you hILLaRY. Here’s my vote

          HILLARY for PRISON “.

        • ……where is this utopia that you hail from where your government isn’t as corrupt and rotten to the core as ours? Btw, Trump is the best choice of a candidate that I have ever had an opportunity to vote for in over 5 decades. Real Americans love the guy. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations.

          • You are so right David. He does have the crooked political machine behind him that people refer to as mainstream media. That is being too kind. Call all the Democrats what they are, either ill-informed or just plain old crooks.

        • First of all I totally agree with “John”! Every time she is saying anything, it gets completely “twisted” in certain peoples’ mind! I would like to know if you, “Koldwindblows” or any of the other comment-writers who made comments which were quite “negative”, by the way, are even registered as voters,? Do you haters really vote or do you just enjoy all our country has to offer but don’t bother to use that “Right to vote”? If you don’t vote, shame on you, Did any of you even watch at least one Convention? Probably not, but I have watched both of them as a member of my Party! I really don’t understand why people who don’t even know who they intend to vote for, can make an intelligent decision by November without really knowing what even one candidate will do if they become the
          President! In one “party” even the candidate doesn’t know what they intend to do as our

          • Sue, I did watch both conventions! Also I still vote every national election and most primaries! I listn to what the candidates say and and look at their accomplishments to help me dcide how I’ll vote! Like you I wish more voters would be better informed!

          • I read these comments like these all the time! My suggestion to all you, “Hillary Haters” is that before you go into the polling and actually pick up a ballot, make sure you keep up and watch both candidates and what they can do! Have any of you even seen how many tremendous people have endorsed and supporting Hillary! Then look at Trump’s endorsements! Every walk of life is supporting her! The whole VFW , who if you are confused as to what that stands for, it’s Veterans of foreign wars, many of our best Representatives, Senators, people who was going through a tough time and She reached out to them! Her choice of VP is also very well-known Governor who is embraced by his state! Use your brains, if you intend to vote, please, for all of us, please listen before you decide! Listen to yourselves! I appreciate your comment, Carl, but if we lose, which I can’t even imagine happening, We have probably only seen the tip of the “iceberg” and that is why some of these “others” comments are making no sense, at least to me, at all! Have a good night,,Carl!

            • You will lose. Hillary is a liar, a criminal and a heartless bitch. She has illegally accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments for her very questionable non profit foundation and also to pay off campaign debts. Does anyone realistically think that the Saudi government does not expect anything in return for the money they have given her? Its all coming to light, her many shady deals, the trails of bodies left behind her every deed. Just within the last week there were 2 more reports of people that knew too much about her, that were ready to testify against her, and they were gunned down.

            • Thing is that we actually have seen what she is capable of. Turn your back on those in the battle, (Bengazi). Supply money to Terrorists, and their supporters, (Iran). Lies toward those that stand up to her, (Mom”s of those she turned a deaf ear to (Bengazi). Open the doors, fences, walls of America that our forefathers gave their lives to defend. Then proclaim the that enter Illegally, to be Americans, rather than criminsls. And THEN and above all, from her own mouth we have heard her place her own perogatives above the will of God Almighty by ordering people to abandon their convictions. (Phil.1:7)

            • I’m pro-abortion but there are limits. Killing a fully-developed baby because it’s inches from birth or meant to be aborted is evil. I read your comments and wonder how you can support that and have no conscience about it. I wonder if you are a sociopath.

            • Sue, you need to look at the facts about Hillary She has lied repeatedly about her unsecured e-mails,
              which have put you and your family in danger, she lied to the parents of the 4 Americans killed in Bengazi, because of her lack of caring when they asked for more help, She continues to lie about whether she lied or not, she lied about having to dodge sniper fire as she left the plane, etc. She wouldn’t tell the truth if it jumped up and bit her on the butt. She is evil. Two more Americans died this past week who knew too much about her. She is planning to bring thousands more illegals into our country, we don’t know anything about them. They could be Isis or any other terrorists, we don’t know. She wants to allow more people, mostly black babies in the black communities to be killed up until the day they are due to come into this world. Do you knowhow they abort these babies. First they stick a needle filled with poison into their brain to kill them. If it doesn’t work the first time they stick another needle filled with poison into their brain. Then they pull them from their Mother on leg, then the other leg, their body, their arm then another arm, then their head. She is evil. Is this the kind of person you are?

            • I belong to the VFW and I don’t support Clinton. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the higher ups in any group make the decisions for all of that group.

            • No, every walk of life is not supporting her. Christians are overwhelmingly voting Trump/Pence. I watch all the conventions, debates, etc. I’ve followed Hillary Clinton for many years and I know the corruption that she is involved in. I can’t think of a more corrupt person. She may never see the inside of a jail cell, but she sure should. She’s either guilty of knowingly setting up an unsecure server to conduct government business or she is so dumb she shouldn’t be allowed access to anything Top Secret. I shake my head in amazement when I see women supporting her after the way she treated the women Bill abused/raped. Monica might have deserved the hounds of hell being unleashed on her, she was not a “victim”, but those other women were. Hillary says she’s for women and children, but she’s not for unborn children and she’s sure not for women who are raped/abused by her husband. She is not for women that support Trump. She defended a rapist, (her job, I know) but destroying the reputation of the little girl he raped was NOT her job. She has called Trump supporters every name in the book, and wants her supporters to “stage an intervention” if they know someone who is voting for Trump. I think the reality is this – we Trump supporters need to stage an “exorcism” on our friends who are voting for her. But that’s just me.

          • I did not watch either convention but I do spend a lot of time studying the respective party’s website and platforms. I have better use for my time than to listen to the “gum-flapping” of either party. She has always been a liberal and has become even more so since her hubby left office. It is my belief that she would sell her party and her country to gain more personal power. I do not trust her.

          • that is the most ignorant statement that i have ever heard in my life. these people are adults, most that have worked 20-30 years in their profession. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know somebody is a psychopath Hillary Clinton is psychotic. and would bring about the total destruction of our country. The Christians in this country will not put up with this any longer, We are praying to our father to get off his throne and deal with this. believe me God is not going to let this happen anymore.

          • We have watched THe Clintons for 30+ years all they have done is steal, from taxpayers and sellout to highest bidders she changes her speeches according to which way the wind blows my vote is
            Hillary FOR PRISON AND SEND BILL TOO

          • I am a proud veteran and republican. She(it) will not tell me what to do. She is a lying cheating murderous pedophile thier. PRISON FOR HILLARY OBAMA!$$$

          • well we do know what Hillary will do if elected don’t we. Continue to break the law by granting favors to forein governments who donate to her fund, destroy e mails and any evidence about what she is really doing.Raise our taxes and install more regulations on bussineses, while also raising thier taxes.She will continue to lie to the American people on a regular basis. Oh wait she is a champion for women. However the champion pays men who work for the clinton foundation 38% more than women. She takes over 20 million dollars from Saudi arabia, a country that gives women no rights at all, and kills gay people. You have your head in the sand about Hillary, she is a lying thief, corrupt woman with a husband who is a rapist and her top aid abedeen is a member of the terrorist group Muslim brotherhood and Abedeen’s mom is a member of muslim sisterhood. Google it if you dont believe me , it is all true. Noone this corrupt should even be running for president, and i am amazed anyone could vote for her.

          • Lynnette, either change it or stay home. The 5-6% he gets will not get him elected but will help Hillary get elected. Then we are in deep shit. She has stated on numerous occasions that she intends to keep Obama’s programs in place which is a Communist Agenda. Read the 8 steps set out by Karl Marx on
            programs in place which is a Communist/Socialist agenda. Read the 8 steps set out by Karl Marx about how to change a country into a Communist country. They are following them one by one and we are almost there. The ones that stick in my mind are stop all discussions of God, run the debt up so high that it can never be paid,in layman’s terms screw up the educational systems (Common Core) , institute a government operated health care system (Obama Care), etc. There are others but I don’t recall them at this moment. How many of you remember the photo of Obama getting off a plane with a book titled something like After The Fall, a book about the fall of the United States government.

        • At least Trump will not be a Fascist dictator and take away our rights! He will reinstate rights that we have ALREADY lost due to the idiot Obama.

      • First off you have taken this video out of contents, second, the President does not pass laws, but signs them to be come law. Only Congress pass’es laws . Also there are a lot of things that our tax dollars go to like paying for war’s that didn’t need to be started and fought

        • First off, why is it when a liberal says something controversial, the excuse is always it’s out of context? You are wrong, it’s not out of context. She said what she said.

          No kidding, the president doesn’t pass laws. She already said she is going to use executive orders more than Obama.

          The wars are a non sequitur to her Fascist comment.

    • Glad someone has sense enough to not believe media. That goes for both candidates and the media in general. We are so blind so pathetic and so easily led by media

    • God will change her mind on abortion and whether she (or anybody else) believes that or not makes no difference to Jesus Christ. It would not surprise me if he sends her – and Cecile Richards – to hell being torn limb by limb for all eternity.

      • She’s a hardened Socialist and God won’t touch her. It doesn’t matter. If she will do this on abortion, she will do it on anything she disagrees with.

      • That’s the point. She’s referring to legislation being based on science and facts instead of beliefs derived from ancient folklore.

        • Lee, What if someone told you quit believing in science? What, by the way, do you believe in or have faith in? Our society was based on those beliefs of “ancient folklore” as you so eloquently state from the time of its’ inception. A statement such as hers or yours says that you are better and more “evolved” than me or any of the millions upon millions in the country who believe and live their lives according to the “ancient folklore”. You have a right to your opinions but deriding me and many others faith in your “sly” way is typical of your type. Hillary means exactly what she says and will go to what ever lengths to get her way if she is elected. I am working hard to ensure that doesn’t happen.

    • “Marketing campaigns” will not change the beliefs of those who operate on fact vs. fiction. It’s a fact that if a drunk driver kills a pregnant woman that she/he is charged with both vehicular homicide of the woman and the unborn child. It is a fact that a woman can presently receive an abortion to end the life of an unborn child without consequences (other than the psychological consequences said woman in most cases suffers for the remainder of her life). It is a fact that Christians, Muslims, Jews, et al recognize marriage as a covenant between a woman, a man, and GOD. It’s a fact that the 15th amendment was brought about by Republicans rather than Democrats, It’s a fact that though Truman made inroads to de-segregating the military, it took a Republican (Dwight Eisenhower) to fully implement it and make it work. I could go on and on with factual examples. The article nor the video take anything Hillary says out of context.

    • Um…… It was the Democrats that fought against abolition of slavery , women’s suffrage and civil rights.

      • Democrats are continually trying to rewrite history to hide their racist past.
        Here are the real facts:

        By 1860, the majority of the Southern slave states were publicly threatening secession if the Republicans won the presidency. In November 1860, Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected president.

        …99 Democrats in Congress signed the “Southern Manifesto” in 1956. (Two Republicans also signed it.) The Southern Manifesto declared the signatories’ opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education and their commitment to segregation forever.

        Howard Smith of Virginia, chairman of the House Rules Committee, introduced the Southern Manifesto in a speech on the House Floor. Formally titled the “Declaration of Constitutional Principles,” it was signed by 82 Representatives and 19 Senators—roughly one-fifth of the membership of Congress and all from states that had once composed the Confederacy. (history.house.gov)
        A hundred and one congressmen, mostly conservative Southern Democrats, sign a document forwarded to President Eisenhower that becomes known as the “Southern Manifesto.” The document, formally entitled “The Declaration of Constitutional Principles,”

        Members of the United States Senate
        Walter F. George, Richard B. Russell, John Stennis, Sam J. Elvin, Jr., Strom Thurmond, Harry F. Byrd, A. Willis Robertson, John L. McClellan, Allen J. Ellender, Russell B. Long, Lister Hill, James O. Eastland, W. Kerr Scott, John Sparkman, Olin D. Johnston, Price Daniel, J.W. Fulbright, George A. Smathers, Spessard L. Holland.

        Members of the United States House of Representatives
        Alabama: Frank W. Boykin, George M. Grant, George W. Andrews, Kenneth A. Roberts, Albert Rains, Armistead I. Selden, Jr., Carl Elliott, Robert E. Jones, George Huddleston, Jr.
        Arkansas: E.C. Gathings, Wilbur D. Mills, James W. Trimble, Oren Harris, Brooks Hays, W.F. Norrell.
        Florida: Charles E. Bennett, Robert L.F. Sikes, A.S. Herlong, Jr., Paul G. Rogers, James A. Haley, D.R. Matthews.
        Georgia: Prince H. Preston, John L. Pilcher, E.L. Forrester, John James Flynt, Jr., James C. Davis, Carl Vinson, Henderson Lanham, Iris F. Blitch, Phil M. Landrum, Paul Brown.
        Louisiana: F. Edward Hebert, Hale Boggs, Edwin E. Willis, Overton Brooks, Otto E. Passman, James H. Morrison, T. Ashton Thompson, George S. Long.
        Mississippi: Thomas G. Abernathy, Jamie L. Whitten, Frank E. Smith, John Bell Williams, Arthur Winstead, William M. Colmer.
        North Carolina: Herbert C. Bonner, L.H. Fountain, Graham A. Barden, Carl T. Durham, F. Ertel Carlyle, Hugh Q. Alexander, Woodrow W. Jones, George A. Shuford.
        South Carolina: L. Mendel Rivers, John J. Riley, W.J. Bryan Dorn, Robert T. Ashmore, James P. Richards, John L. McMillan.
        Tennessee: James B. Frazier, Jr., Tom Murray, Jere Cooper, Clifford Davis.
        Texas: Wright Patman, John Dowdy, Walter Rogers, O.C. Fisher, Martin Dies.
        Virginia: Edward J. Robeson, Jr., Porter Hardy, Jr., J. Vaughan Gary, Watkins M. Abbitt, William M. Tuck, Richard H. Poff, Burr P. Harrison, Howard W. Smith, W. Pat Jennings, Joel T. Broyhill.

        • Thanks for the truth serum! Some people really need to get off the Hillaryaide and check History for the facts instead of boobtube.

        • Those people you mention represent southern democrats, or “Dixiecrats_’—-people who opposed Lincoln (a Republican). They and those who came after them of like minds continued as Dixiecrats until the 1960’s, when they converted to Republicanism after Democrat Lyndon Johnson supported the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. They felt betrayed by him and became Republicans. So now, the legacy of the Dixiecrats resides in the Republican party.

        • These were “Dixiecrats,” part of a southern tradition that began during and after the Civil War, in protest against Abraham Lincoln, a Republican. At that time, he was for emancipation of the slaves; they resented it. They also resented losing the war. They, and those who followed in the same line of thinking, continued to be Dixiecrats until in 1960’s, when Prseisdent Lyndon Johhnson, a Texan and a Democrat, supported the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Feeling betrayed by Johnson, most Dixiecrats crossed over and became Republicans. So, the legacy of the Dixiecrats now resides in the Republican party.

      • Um, not one Dem voted for abolition of slavery or women’s suffrage. I think that you have your parties confused

      • Go back and read your history Thor…and not what the revisionist have written. And what you’re at it plop down 8 bucks and go see Hillarys American and if you are not convinced, I will send you 16 bucks…fair enough? You double your money. The only thing I would ask in return is go in the
        theater with no bias toward or favoritism either party…Doc

      • Thor check out the 1948 Democratic Convention where the Dems walked out because they did not want to support Civil Rights. You really need to read History books and stop getting your information off of YouTube. Dems also created the KKK and voted against the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. You need some serious education.

      • Do some research it was Republican that freed slaves. The southern Democrats are the ones that wanted to keep slavery and started the KKK. They voted to split from the union. Your just another example of not knowing the facts. Ignorance is no excuse for lies.

      • No….Lincoln was not a Democrat or Republucan, but the party he affiliated with went on to become what we now know as the Republican party….

      • Please do your research on this, because I thought the same thing! It is not the party of abolition of slavery and civil rights. Look up Margaret Sanger! In fact watch the movie, Hillary’s America. It is all based on facts and yes I had to look them up! I was shocked!

    • I totally agree with you, John. When you read the article, you read she is referring to people’s hearts, not government forced thinking. All of us could probably stand a little “tune up” on our hearts and possibly some of the things we are thinking.

      • When you are faced against pure evil, there is no compromise. Clinton is a liar, fraud, crook, self serving follower of Lucifer. There is not one example of good that has come from that woman. Her Presidency will set women back 50 years politically.

    • Why work so hard trying to change people’s minds? When one tries to change a mind or reconstruct a belief system, it is because THEY feel what THEY believe is the right way or answer. I feel allowing each to adopt their own is what should happen, and then if a person’s beliefs/practices infringe or threaten lives, one takes action to PROTECT their boundary/system. Change personal values/beliefs? LOL! For THOUSANDS of years it hasn’t happened, and won’t with most…not even with Hillary/Dems. Another one of those Fairytale delusions.

      • Awesome information, Mr. Cardell. Many of those names in Congress, I am old enough to remember, as well as the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, even Truman.

      • Sadly I think it has happened. I recently saw a poll on abortion which had millions of responses from across the country. Of course it was not scientific or anything but about 60% of the people who responded were pro-choice. I saw women “shout their abortions” on twitter and facebook. Basically they are saying they are not ashamed or afraid to say it. This was not something someone was proud of in the past. And certainly I cannot imagine that 50 years ago abortion would have gained overwhelming support across the board. The only groups which did not have overwhelming support for it was conservatives. Democrats gave 90% approval for abortion rights. My question is everyone is so concerned with the mothers right what happened to thinking of the unborn childs rights?

    • Bullsh*t. Her actions do not back your assertions. You are just another mindress follower, wilfully ignorant, and begging for your chains. If she wins, and that’s a big if, she won’t last long with her agenda.

    • She said religious beliefs, that doesn’t mean changing someone’s mind. That means changing their belief system to hers. She is evil, personified. And yes she is talking about her regime changing beliefs, should she become president… God forbid.

    • I would tell you, either way it’s none of her business, Christians answer to a higher power, their guide is the Bible, not our government, and their changing morals.

    • Her people are doing the same shit to Trump so what the hell thats Politics everyone sees and hears what they want

    • This woman has been entrenched in government for so long she thinks that she does not have to abide by the laws that the rest of the American people have got to the law about email servers she is she is only supposed to use the email server provided to her from the government for classified information she broke the law she left four people died in Benghazi and lied about it she was on the phone with her daughter telling her that the film has nothing to do with it who the fuck is her daughter and why the fuck did she call her before talking to the American people this lady is the biggest piece of crap in them world she received award from the founder of Planned Parenthood that in the twenties and thirties she said that people with big families that could not support them should kill the children she said that people with diabetes prostitutes in general should all be killed and Hilary her what the fuck is the matter with you people don’t you realize what this woman is

    • When did laws being forced on the someone ever changed a person’s mind? I can tell you for sure, that Muslim loving idiot in our White House that forced the gay marriage and transgender crap down my throat has in NO WAY changed my mind on these heaneous issues…in fact, I have been forced to dig my heels in deeper just to hold onto MY RIGHT to believe these things goes against the Lord God and should NOT be recognized as OK or good!!!

    • WOW are u gulable she has a record of lyeing and thought un trust worthy by 70% in all polls the thing is fokes want to belive in there party leader so much pride blocks them from objectivly looking and listening to all partys belifes and making a educated desision on who will keep and hold close to are american values witch to me are are rites. You heat clips hear and there and it becomes the truth because u heard it on cnn or FB lets take time to listen to the whole interveis and the whole speach of both sides and then chose

    • America was founded for religious freedom. I know, I know … we haven’t really taught this generation what it means to be an American but that one right was the foundation. Leftism is as much a religion as Catholicism and she (i.e., the government) is planning to impose their leftist religion on the masses. I do not misinterpret what she’s saying. Anyone who doesn’t understand that religious (conservative) values are the antipathy of — and a direct threat to — leftism isn’t reading the tea leaves.

    • She left people out of the equation, she said “deep-seated beliefs have to be changed”. She wouldn’t bother changing anyone’s mind, she will force a belief as the state’s belief. She might as well have said “Morals have to be changed, appeal to religion is not an option.” There was no “maybe” in her statement. Notice she’s swinging with her fists like Hitler at one of his speeches.

    • John, I believe you are delusional. Please memorize this: “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    • How does she expect to change hearts and minds??? Simple through “executive orders”!!! Don’t believe this lying witch. She’ll come with something that appears to be noble and honorable, and then shove it down our throats.

    • She wants us to convert to Islam, she has always been an Arab supporter .Yasser Arafat was a welcome visitor to the W.H. during Bill’s tenure.
      Her constant companion is a staunch Muslim.

    • The article said she was sprang mostly about abortion. She nor anyone else will change my belief that all babies deserve to live. Life is given to us by Almighty God, and He says thou shalt not kill. The evil an barbaric practice of abortion goes against one of the ten commandments. Hellary will not dictate my Christian beliefs ~ not now and not ever!!!!

    • We could, of course, be in the process here of being prepared to give up our traditional freedoms and submit to the dictates of immigrant cultures coming here with intent to take over, to dominate, and to run things according to their own dictates. The government seems to encourage that sort of thing today and speaking out against it is called being “Politically Incorrect.” It is happening a lot in some European venues … notably France and Germany.

    • It’s entirely about changing minds! “Your liberty of conscience, will not stand in my way of enforcing laws that violate your liberty of conscience”…is what she’s saying..

    • Thank you for telling it like it is! This media site is bogus and ridiculous! But, as you can see, the radicals are still drinking the Faux punch!

    • Those issues you are referring to were accomplished by the Republican party with the exception of lgbt rights. You need to read history. Hillary closely resembles the modern day Marget Sanger who was a racist that started the abortion push. Changing hearts and minds comes from a relationship with Jesus and knowing and accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. Politicians will never be able to do that.

    • You don’t change peoples’ minds; you give them information and allow them to make their own analysis and develop their own opinions…YOU DONT CHANGE THEIR MINDS.
      I will never change my mind about my religious beliefs nor my morals. Other people have the capabilities to form their own opinions, and there are some who are easily swayed by almost anything.
      We the people do not want not will we allow the government to take away our freedoms, which is why the American exploration was started in the first place.

    • Defending that comment with your opinion of life and how you see it. You seem to me to be someone who needs to avoid anything where a living organism of two cells or greater is concerned. I just don’t get people who live in self affliction of understanding and ignorance. Guessing at wether a narcissist factious statement is good for you is one thing, but you strike me as someone who has a lot of problems in life for lack of being able to read people, and what’s between the lines!

    • But abortions are murdering babies so there is no one who will change our hearts or minds unless it is for those pro abortion people getting a heart for babies and changing their minds that killing babies is ok. And that is just the tip of the iceberg with what Hillary wants to do to our country -sends chills up my spine and scares me so much!


    • Thank you for such an excellent response…I agree with your historical outline and that we need to continue to ponder & discuss problems in our society. I do not agree with the use of capital punishment by my government, which by the way uses our tax dollars, yet I do not decide who to vote for on one issue. I work to end the issue I am against. Gun violence in this country began in Texas 50 yrs ago in Austin, TX by a Caucsian male and I hope we can agree to set some limits/restrictions as was discussed in this article…also, in my childhood, I remember that some women obtained abortions in “back” rooms with disasterous results such as death of mother & child…some women did not get abortions…I do not support abortions, yet I do support medical, emotional & whatever services are needed to help women live a positive life…again, thank you for your post…

    • If anyone reads my previous post, I was agreeing with a post by John Levasseur, I was Not agreeing with the posted article…

    • To the Christian community, abortion is murder, and neither Hillary Clinton nor anyone else can stop Christians from believing this. We will not change our believe systems or moral values to satisfy this pompous windbag. To do so would be to go against the Word and will of God. I for one would not want to be Hillary Clinton on judgment day, when she has to answer to God for her support of murdering life. I will pray for your soul.

    • Changing religious beliefs is not a political debate issue. How about she starts talking changing Muslim religious beliefs in order to stop terrorism. Or doesn’t that get her the Muslim vote? It’s not okay for a religious person to believe abortion is murder, but it’s okay for the Muslims to believe they must kill anyone who is not Muslim. Start drinking water instead of hilliary’s koolaid.

    • I have no qualms concerning political debate as long as both sides are willing ,at least in some small way, to listen to the others ideas and beliefs. This woman has no desire to listen! She is a progressive socialist who will do whatever it takes to grab more power. I have seen the Democratic platform for 2016 and there is nothing in it that even gives an inch to the conservative side of the aisle. She is not interested in speaking to me except to say, “you have to change”. I have no use for her or her philandering husband!

    • she wanted to legalize the killing on innocent unborn babies that have a heartbeat….. how is that not wicked and perverse??

    • She thinks my opinion and beliefs need to be changed to hers! That is what she has been saying since 94! She thinks abortions should have no limitations, I disagree

    • Hillary Clinton shows a flagrant disregard for the Constitution. When she isn’t infringing on our right to bear arms she is attempting to establish a religion (most likely Islam) in direct violation of the First Amendment. She’s even been photographed bowing to muslim leaders. She has also taken money from foreign governments which push Sharia law and – lest we forget – she put national security at risk by doing government business on an unsecured private server. How is it suddenly my responsibility to “change my mind?” You either work for America, or you work for someone else. She has no business representing us. That won’t change.

    • John, that is hypocritical to say “we need to change people’s minds”…..when every effort is being made in our government to stop Christians from changing people’s minds about our religious beliefs….what we call witnessing.

    • Yeah, trust the liar. Come on in said the spider to the fly. A similar experience came with the promise of “showers” in places called concentration camps where even people’s dentures were taken away. Purses and lamp shades were made from their skins and their hair was also used for various purposes, such as brushes.

    • Oh you mean like how the Obama administration is changing the Christian businesse owners minds with lawsuits into providing contraception and abortion, threats and jail time.
      Do you mean how church denominational hospitals are threatened for the same reason including providing sex change operations.
      Do you mean the lawsuits on schools for the same type of garbage and for not teaching about same sex marriage.
      No thanks

    • John, with her 35 years of LYING to the American Electorate, her words were quite CLEAR to all of us and so is her INTENT !!!! We don’t need you to “DECIPHER” her malicious drivel. She has made herself KNOWN to us all, and ,we DO NOT ACCEPT ANY of her, (way too obvious). MARXIST IDEOLOGICAL PROPAGANDA !!!!

    • She is a socialist. Changing minds and leading lambs to slaughter is her agenda.
      This woman will have us over run by non citizens so fast we won’t know what happened and she will just like Ona had done use Executive privilege to enact whatever laws she wants.
      This woman is very dangerous!!!

    • No,no no! What have you been drinking or smoking! If you do some research and get your head out of the…actually socialist Hilly Kool aid you will see she means we have to give up our religion for the NWO…UN take over!
      Get real and grow up! We are not blind to her double edged big lying mouth!

    • If you mean believing that your religion lets you trump the faith of others, dictating their love, their marriage, their medical decisions and other aspects where intelligent people disagree? Then yeah, you have to change your “religion.”

      If you mean, being able to practice your own faith freely and letting others practice theirs (or none at all)? Then don’t worry.

      You do know that Clinton goes to church (Methodist) more devoutly than any president since Carter, right?

    • There is something very nefarious about telling us our religious beliefs must be changed. God gave us our beliefs. They are not “changeable” because Hillary wants them changed. There is nothing to misrepresent. She was very clear in her choice of words. I agree people should have “rights”, but so should the unborn child. If we, as Christians, don’t defend them, who will? Women are free to take birth control measures before they become pregnant. There are many free clinics across this country. The campaigns that freed slaves, allowed women to vote and gives equal rights to everyone were worthy causes and should be honored…not placed in the same category as murdering innocent unborn babies. Go watch a video of an ultrasound.

    • How does that Kool-Aid taste? When she combines “resources” with “political will”, what do you think that means? No, no, no, this can’t possibly be referring to the “government dictating beliefs”. Remember, Kool-Aid is very sugary …

  2. Comment *You don’t know Christians very well do you? Look around the world, we willingly give up our lives before we give up our beliefs. I grieve for those who have no such foundational values.

  3. So Christian Americans will have to change how we think,but,muslims from anywhere can think how they want. Oh and murder Christians because the Koran says its ok?

  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 SHE IS NOTHING BUT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so do NOT like this POS as much as I do NOT like obama!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T NEED THE GOV. TO TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE. DO YOUR J O B S AND STAY OUT OF MY LAW ABIDING LIFE!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Her and the rest of the communist party hate Christianty >it goes far beyond that they Hate God and His Word and and Anything that Has Moral Authority.In Their Eyes There Is No Write In Wrong. Look what this current administration just in his second term has done. Mrs Clinton is worse believe it or not.They want to elimate Christians and Christianity either by convincing them to change their mind about their Faith. or by Punishment .Fines, Taking Away Property, Jail and In near future may even have to die for you faith They want a New World Order,One World Government,Religion , Finacial System In other word the Antichrist

    • the things you mention are leading up to the Rapture. All predicted in Revelations. God help the United States of America. Pray for our nation and the upcoming election.

  6. I will not change My Religious beliefs for Hillary or anyone else.. Just Who does She think She is… She is the DEVIL in disguise , in my Opinion.. She should NOT BE even a Candidate for Presidency…. She is Shaming Our Country. It was founded on In God We Trust…….

    • you d know that in god we trust was not even coined or out on money until the late 50s right our country was not founded on god but on everyone having equal rights hence the bill of rights. and for all those quoting history about civil rights yes it was the republicans and democrats that passed it and then after that we had a turn in history where the southern democrats became republicans know as the Dixie crates and the republican party became what it is today with the Dixie crates being against civil rights so no the Lincoln republicans are not what we have today. And yes religion has changed in our country you have the Christian extremist that push there believes onto everyone they cherry pick the bible to there own believe. everyone has the same rights according to our laws if a woman want an abortion then she is the only one that should make that choice its not mine nor yours to dictate your be lives on and that is what Hilary is trying to make people understand. two guys wanna get married its there right period since gov is now part of marriage but I also belive they should change it to something like a civil union instead of marriage, that way they can get the rights most partners do with marriage like insurance dividing estates ect..

  7. That’s why I think we’ll go to hell if her or trumps get into office, that trashy a$$ woman can’t tell me what to change about myself or anybody else

  8. My belief is that the Hildabeast and her fake pervert of a husband are two of the worst slithering scum of humanity to ever slime their way across the planet. May she completer her stroke soon and drop dead…..

  9. Yes everyone will have to change their personal and religious belief when Jesus comes in His divine glory. Philippians 2:9-11 “Therefore also God highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, that in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue (person) should openly confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”

  10. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord one day and so will she and Obama. God is not mocked. Vengeance is mine says the Lord….

  11. I believe the main point of the Democratic Party nomination has flown over the heads of most people….The hacked emails prove that Hillary Clinton was not elected the nominee of the the party by the voters. The primary election was rigged, (fixed) and as far back as two years ago, the party agreed to make her the nominee with total indifference to any election results. She did not break any glass dome, the Democrat Party simply “broke” the law by fraudulently rigging the election, and they got away with it. Clinton, the DNC and the Democrat Party are all lying cheating fraudulent members of this country’s political system and the people that vote democrat are either co-conspirators or ignorant sheep that shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  12. Go back and read your history, and not what revisionist have replaced it with. I made an offer to Thor
    that if he did, and plopped down eight bucks to see “Hillary is America” I would pay him back sixteen. If he wasn’t of the opinion regarding Hillary and her party of corruption ( only I did not share with him my views The only thing I ask, is that he go in to the theater with no bias for, or favorortism of one party over the other. I believe if anyone follows this criteria ( especially studying American history), they readily will see that republicans have caused their fair share of problems through out history, but no where as much as the Democratic Party. It is, and always has been a leftist party, that is not happy unless they are telling other people how they should lives. And they are great at spending other people’s money. Look at the last seven and a half years for example.i
    Thankfully we only have. 172 days 18 hours 35 minutes and 29 seconds until Obama is history!

  13. You can go back to your fatherSatan, you are the devils daughter, and I pray that GOD unleashes his wrath of fury upon your pathetic racist soul..

  14. I will not change my beliefs for anyone. They can imprison me. They can kill me. I will not change for any human. Christians have been persecuted before, and we will be persecuted again even more than now, but God will bless us if we stand against satan and his disciples.

  15. People come to America because of WHO and WHAT we are… those WHOS AND WHATS are based on our BELIEF system. You change that, and we are NO LONGER America!!!

  16. For goodness sake, she is suggesting that Americans show flexibility for the MAJORITY. “political will, deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases… is ” ‘code’ for, It’s about time we join the 21st century!?

    Specifically… This is about pro-life. The poll they speak of refers to the latest news that ~80% of Americans favor abortion regulations & better STANDARDS in clinics. She is speaking to the fact that the laws have to bend with this FAVOR, just as they do with gun control.

    Re: 2nd amendment – This (right to bear arms) is ALSO subject to reasonable & responsible regulations, and lawmakers have the RIGHT & responsibility to Americans, to impose reasonable regulations. This improvement in STANDARDS is (currently, based on polls) supported by 95% of people and 75% of gun owners. Jeesh.

    • Spoken like a true collectivist and fellow Fascist. When she comes after something you hold dear, maybe you will change your mind.

  17. Everyone holding on to the Bible as defining their moral code is also holding on to all the terrible, terrible “moral” practices that were commonplace and recommended in the bible, ex/ slavery, women as property, death penalties for minor acts, etc. You can’t pick and choose what you think about God based off the Bible, and then demand that people don’t try to change your mind— you’ve already changed your mind as compared to the peoples who lived by the Bible at the time of the Bible–simply by deciding what you think is Just and what you think is Not Just.

  18. First, to you, Carl, I appreciate your comment on my opinion! You remind me that we have a lot of citizens who don’t appreciate our beautiful country or our Constitution! It is frightening to me that so many “naysayers” feel that Trump, is , what did that guy above say? oh, yes! I felt my knees weaken and slightly hypervintelated when he said, “Donald Trump” is the best presidential hopeful we’ve ever had! Now, that’s what I call “frightening” but at the same time feel bad for him if he really meant what he said! It’s so stupid for these people to even think the President can make those kind of remarks , but there seems to be many things that these commentators actually think can happen ! being, 2016, makes it almost sinful that more women are against women’s right than I can imagine! Do you girls really need a man to be in charge of your lives! I have a good brain and do not have to have a man in the White House to feel safe in my country! All the things you guys are objecting to won’t ruin your lives, It will, hopefully, make us strive to be stronger and shout to the world, especially, what Ian had to say! For many years, the women that were here before you, fought a long battle so you could not be owned by any man, giving women their rights to make decisions about their own choices to be free to make their own decisions about their bodies! So many other issues for women rights,and this is how you thank them for fighting, not just the for those women, but the women who came after them! You women have given all those women who fought for the right for you to get an education, and many other issues. You have given them a real “slap in the face! That, my dears, is why you need to brain up, look up some of these women’s contributions to what you can and can’t do, because of these brave women who just wanted to have the same rights as men!

  19. It’s sad to see all these people following Hillary. The anti Christ or followers of Antichrist will deceive millions. Hillary will go to hell she supports gay marriage and abortions. She will feel gods wrath sooner than later. Like she said in past a marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman and when our fore fathers wrote the constitution they didn’t mean get marry with same sex or have abortions when theu said life liberty and pursuit of happiness. This is what the government wants that’s why they have taken gos away from schools. The constitution is bases on the bible. Y’all need to wake up and vote trump because you will regret it its obama but ten times worse with Hillary. And she will say anything and change everything for the worse!!!!

    • You guys need to get over all this control you want to have on women! “We are woman, hear us roar, in numbers too big to ignore! The Antichrist? Really? To all of you Bible carrying people, “Judge not, lest thee be judged likewise”!

  20. God has given all free will. Only you can give it away. So here is your’s to choose.keep your free will which could mean Death or give it up to become a slave to Clinton. I choose free will.

  21. This is why Christians should find Hillary virtually impossible to vote for. “Religious beliefs have to change?” So if I believe black is dark and yellow is bright, but YOU (or even the majority), believe BLACK is bright, then I must simply change my belief? If I, as a Christian, believe the Bible to be God’s inspired word for living MY life, I’m not allowed to believe this anymore since it’s not what SHE believes? One changes their beliefs when one sincerely thinks what they previously believed was wrong! Or in a politicians case, when you are made to realize that “changing” beliefs could garner you more votes. You know, like when Hillary USED to claim she was AGAINST Same sex marriage (“I believe marriage isn’t just a bond, but a sacred institution between a man and a woman!” – Hillary in 2004).

  22. Wow! how old are you people? I feel like I’m communicating with either 5 year olds or some very troubled teens, or more likely by the way you are expressing yourselves some adults who are in some kind of cult!! If you think like a normal person, this how it work, first you register to vote! Then, you pay attention to what is going on in the world especially what is important to you! That is the American way, we can choose whomever we want to vote for! As the Primaries get closer, if you still don’t know who your candidate is, then it is your job to learn as much about all the candidates as you can! We never try to elect someone just because you don’t like the way thr other one looks! Or because one is from a state you don’t like! Or because one doesn’t support the same ” Team as you! Or you don’t like blonde hair! Or, now this is sort of related to our situation today, you never, ever vote for a man you really don’t support but the thought of a woman turns your stomach to even think a woman, would ever be not just our President, but the Leader of the free world! Maybe there are women who would rather, from time to time, be able to elect a woman, instead of a man! What I’ve seen and heard since this election started, is not only men but women who can’t bring themselves to even like Clinton, much less elect her as our president! One more thing I would like to add is I am in Florida living as a democrat, moved from Ft. Lauderdale, who is usually a “Blue” area, to the west coast which is a “red, and I am surrounded by “Red”! But I just am shocked we had women fight for all the things we can do now but weren’t able to do not hat long ago! Women’s Suffrage, which is women’s right to vote during a very scary time when there were men and women who fought back hard so a woman wasn’t capable of doing anything other than clean and cook all day so the men, who demanded this, had a hot meal to come to every night! They were not even allowed to even have a job, their own money, so much control over women until strong minded and suffering women decided that it was now time for women to be equal to men everywhere, not just in the bedroom, but on every aspect of their lives! It certainly didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen because these women didn’t give up! We can get the same jobs as men, we can be soldiers, we can be just about anything we want because those women so long ago
    fought for everyone of us! And now, it seems the women today either don’t know the history and are telling those women they fought for nothing! They are also the reason women today can make choices for themselves, even their own medical decisions! That why we can’t allow a bunch of republicans, mostly men, of course, defund Planned Parenthood, and if you think it is money that only goes to abortions, you are very wrong! A lot of women, many who would never have something as simple as a Mammogram, tests for other types of cancer that many women deal with everyday of thei lives! Without Planned Parenthood, there would be many more deaths from all the cancers that women get who wouldn’t survive, having their cancers caught early enough that they might actually be able to live and even be free of cancer with the treatments, or maybe allowing them to die because they can’t afford the testing or the treatment, without Planned Parenthood! Think about that because it could be any one of us at any time!

    • At the second presidential debate, President Barack Obama said that women “rely on” Planned Parenthood for mammograms. Actually, mammograms are not performed at the clinics; Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses conduct breast exams and refer patients to other facilities for mammograms. Individual clinics sometimes provide more than referrals, arranging for mobile mammography vans.

      Obama care —isn’t that the answer to healthcare for women. Just go to your dr. every year for checkups.. Not planned parenthood clinics for your yearly mammograms. Also drs are very knowledgable on birth control and other subjects. Amazing huh!

    • With all of that being said what happened in the last 2 elections? Someone who should never have been made President of the Free World was elected merely because of the color of his skin. Yeah, look how that turned out! I have no objections to having a woman for President as long as she is an American and she is competent to lead in that position. Hillary is not, she is an evil monster, lying, money hungry, power hungry bitch. And as far as abortion goes how can it be called anything but straight up murder. After all you are murdering a human being. All of those who think abortion is just fine should watch a video of how this is done to innocent babies. It would truly turn your stomach to see how it is done.

    • Sue now i get it, you support Hillary because she is a woman , and you want a woman president. Period. Heres where you are wrong. You think all these people are against Hillary because she is a woman. Thats not true at all. Most of us don’t care if a woman is president as long as it is not Hillary Clinton. We dislike Hillary because these things are 100% true. She is a habitual liar. She is the most corrupt person in America. She mishandled top secret info, but more importantly she deleted 33,ooo or more emasils after they were under supeana to turn them over. These are federall offenses . She grants favors to people and heads of countries that donate huge sums of money to her.,and she was doing it while secretary of state. Also illegal. Her campaign and the dnc colluded with the white house and the doj to keep her from jail. The dnc colluded with her campaign to rig the primary. She has a long history of lying and destroying evidence. Her top aid abadeen belongs to the Muslim brotherhood , a terrorist organization. And her vice president choice who would take over when she is impeached is a wacko. I could go on but i wont. Your all mighty Hillary is a flawed corrupt lying thief, who wants to take away our constitutional rights, including womens rights. The legallity of abortion is not her decision to make for us. The people and the courts have that honor. So wake the hell up , we dont vote someone into the presidency just because she is a woman. One day a qualified decent human being who is a woman will be president. Hillary should not be rewarded for her crimes, lies, and anti american views.

  23. Hillary shoud read Proverbs 24 11:12. Of course it wouldn’t bother her one bit. Face it she is just plain evil.

  24. I wonder which Americans will have to change their religious convictions and cultural codes. What a joke, this could be the beginning of the end for our way of life. With 8 years of Obama setting the stage for the transformation of our country the next 4 to 8 years will surely be the end of all the things that make this country great and it’s people proud.

    I was asked if I would leave the country if Hillary won the election and I of course, said no way. I love my country too much and for me it is not about loving or hating my country. Now, I have been thinking about all of the idiots who say they will leave this wonderful country of ours if Trump wins and I say they can’t possible love their country if they are willing to give it up.

    One last thing, all republican politicians better know this, if it is determined that they did not vote in the elections because of Trump I will on November 9th change my party to independent and will never vote for a Republican again in the presidential elections. If anybody thinks I am wrong because I will be giving my vote to the other side well, first thing is it won’t matter after 4 to 8 more years of the transformation and secondly, isn’t that what the republican politicians are doing this time!

    I am very serious about this!

  25. When are Republicans, Trump, ANYONE going to address this issue as what it is, essentially Globalism verses Nationalism?? Turning America into another European country is not going to help the world expand and grow. Asking Americans to give up their individual beliefs, religion, cultural expectations to accommodate those who feel we have too much and others have to little is not progressive. It is backward. You don’t help people by destroying the strongest among you. Think of it this way–Would you learn to play golf from your neighbor who shoots 96 or would you want to learn from Tiger Woods. You can not learn anything from your local duffer. You have to have strong players to learn from!! This world needs strong countries to lead this world to a higher standard of living and greater peace!!.
    If Killary is elected you can EXPECT the Bill of Rights to be under assualt because to accomplish what she, Obummer, Globalists, and Saul Alinsky believe is that they know best for all of us and we should all just fall in line, Give me your freedoms!!

  26. Coexistent, respect and compassion for those of different religions, cultures and lifestyle choices does not mean compromising or abandoning ones’ beliefs, but requires but two things taught by Jesus: love for all and leaving the judging to God and St. Peter at the pearly gates.

  27. I hate to say it but that is one thing that does need to change. Religion has interfered in way to much of society and religion doesn’t have a place in society to say who we can marry and what we can do. Religion is literally being used as a weapon to change and take away peoples freedom.

    • I respectfully disagree. People are free and are allowed to believe what they want. It’s not the State’s job to intervene. This is how our freedoms are stolen. They convince people that one group doesn’t deserve freedom. Once one group doesn’t have freedom, no one has it. Hillary wants unfettered abortion to the moment of birth using partial-birth abortion techniques and she wants religious people to pay for it. If she wins this, what battle will she take on next? All will eventually suffer.

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