Hill’s Gaffes-Fun Ideas for GOP Candidates


Thus far, Hillary’s campaign kickoff has gone about as well as her ill fated “book tour”. Here are some ideas aimed at allowing GOP presidential candidates to have some fun with Mrs. Clinton’s numerous gaffes. We’ll follow her “missteps” with some lighthearted suggestions.

Being chauffeured, as the “people’s champion”, from her multimillion dollar NY estate to Iowa…in the Scooby Van.

  • Republicans might wonder aloud why the former first lady would name her vehicle after a character that solves mysteries, when her positions on such critical issues as Iranian negotiations, our relationship with Israel, ISIS, the Keystone Pipeline, et. al. remain a complete mystery.
  • A hearty contender or two could drive themselves to several events, breeze right by any “Handicapped Parking” spots (that Hill’s camp couldn’t resist), then flash their “everyday American” bona fides by parallel parking and walking to the rally.

Hillary claimed all 4 of her grandparents were immigrants. She was off by 3 & debunked by a simple census check.

  • Candidates Cruz and Rubio, along with others whose parents, or grandparents were born abroad, should graciously produce an Ancestry.com like document at their campaign stops.
  • Then there’s the ability of the above mentioned to speak with first hand authenticity about the immigration experience of their loved ones.

Reciting 4 “heartfelt”, core campaign, platitudes from her notes, while seated in front of a giant, red tool box and a shelf housing alternators.

  • Perhaps a GOPer could demonstrate his common man touch by returning to that shop, recalling a time he’d pulled some wrenches from a tool box, then joined Dad under the hood of a car and actually changed, maybe an alternator, starter, battery, radiator or spark plugs.
  • As the office seeker inspects the engines and parts he could, without the benefit of reading from a card, articulately present the primary goals of his campaign.

Going incognito to a Chipotle with Mrs. Anthony Weiner, hiding behind sun glasses instead of glad-handing patrons, and not putting money in the tip jar.

  • Every Republican contender should visit that very same eatery & consider-
  • Holding big black sunglasses in their left hand, while heartily shaking the hands of willing customers with their right.
  • Drop 20% of the price of the food into the tip cup, and thank the staff for their hard work.
  • A particularly ambitious politician or a group of supporters might want to call attention to Mrs. Clinton’s miserliness, and help the Chipotle servers she stiffed, by sending them money through one of those on line fund-raisers.
  • Link Hill’s gratuity insensitivity/ignorance to her elitist nature. Mention that someone in the top 1% should be able to leave at least a 15% tip on a $20 meal.
  • Ask if, given current circumstances, former Sec. Of State Clinton refers to the folks bringing the food as waiters, waitresses, or the now politically correct term, servers?

While we hope readers found this amusing, the bigger picture might that there are a number of GOP presidential hopefuls fully capable of having this kind of fun. More than a few have shown the temperament, timing, and quick on their feet skill set to effectively make a powerful point using an amiable smile and pointed humor.

Republicans haven’t enjoyed being on the delivering end of this kind of approach since 1980. It worked great for Ronald Reagan, and he didn’t even have the benefit of a gaffe machine like Hillary Clinton. She’s writing the material for a fresh, talented GOP field. They should use it, with courteous good cheer, to point out Hillary’s many flaws and endless contradictions.


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