How the Minority Rule the Majority in the USA


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The minority now rule the majority in the United States, but how did this happen and do people even realize it? We should fear it and change it back.

Minority rule is what is needed to turn the USA into the Socialist USA. It’s tyranny.

Minority group rights are very important but they are being exploited by the left to extinguish the alleged white majority rule aka white supremacy and white privilege. The identity politics being played by Democrats is part of a dangerous game and one used successfully by the worst statist nations in the world throughout history.

The left has successfully used political correctness and minority rights to divide and conquer Americans with the express purpose of creating a one party USA.

There is no pushback from Republicans to Obama’s strident “do it or else I will” approach to running what used to be a representative Republic. The Imperial president has used his “pen and phone” to fundamentally transform education, the economy, climate, immigration, financial institutions, the military, and if he gets a chance, the Supreme Court of the United States.

Immigration takes foreigners with little understanding of what the USA is about will form their Army which will one day be the majority that will replace the more traditional Americans.

Politico referred to it as a “no congress” strategy and Obama was applauded for it as the Republicans allowed them to be whipped into easy submission by the Democrats and the media.

Alveda King said, “Let’s be honest about this; the liberal agenda with failed stimulus plans and government entitlement programs is crippling our economy and our quality of life.”

The freest of nations is submitting to the ideology of control.

Communists, Socialists, Progressives all have the same goal of overturning our Capitalist system and replacing it with a centralized statist government. They are doing it through minority rule because the majority would never go along with it if they understood what was going on.

Since the 1930s, the communists have used the term “Progressive” to hide their true nature and intent. Communism is not dead, they’ve morphed and exploit the label “Progressive” to their great advantage.

The “living wage” is patently absurd when talking about giving it to people flipping burgers but it is a Marxist ideal and a way to redistribute the wealth. They are erasing the idea of part-time and temporary labor and entry-level jobs because business and Capitalism is opposed to their goals and cannot co-exist with their statist agenda. By making the minorities who take these jobs into “oppressed workers”, they get the majority to go along with their living wage.

“Disparate outcome” is yet another effective means. They no longer use logic to determine who is “oppressed”, they use only outcomes to determine everything. It’s how Obama will decide who gets to live in what neighborhood. As he ushers in a massive influx of foreigners here illegally and as Hillary promises them full amnesty in her first 100 days in office, Obama is changing neighborhoods with the concept of disparate outcome.

What that means is, if there are fewer minorities in a given situation or locale, all has to be made equal and socially just by spreading them out. Punishment will follow and sometimes Federal dollars will be withheld if locales or companies or whatever do not comply. Can prison be far behind if this doesn’t work?

You give minorities and protected left-wing classes the power over the majority by giving agencies the power of elected representative. You let them write laws.

The Commerce Department, an agency of unelected pencil pushers considered classifying Arab-Americans as a socially and economically disadvantaged minority in 2013. Arabs are not a race but it’s another way to redistribute wealth as was Obamacare.

Agencies like the EPA and the IRS are writing laws to take our funds and tell us what to do, when, where and how to heat our homes, when we can keep our money in our accounts, and don’t forget they want our retirement savings. Congress just had to pass a bill to stop Obama from going after private retirement savings.

Climate change is a valuable way to redistribute wealth and the left will cling to it with lies and desperate attacks. Currently the Fascists among them are using it to silence dissenters and indirectly destroy the First Amendment.

Transforming the military into a social welfare agency is yet another way to destroy traditional America. For minority rule to makes us into a one-party country, traditional America must die.

A 2008 Gallup poll showed that 6% of the U.S. population believe that no god or universal spirit exists and 34% of them reside in Vermont, coincidentally, the state is also famous for the highest number of pedophiles.

That means 94% of the U.S. population either believe in God or are not sure. So why do the atheists get to say where and when God’s name is mentioned? The minority is erasing U.S. history and heritage while taking away the rights of the majority.

They have decided to pit Atheists against people who believe in God, especially Christians with Jews a close second.

Most people want a Second Amendment but the left will lie about wanting to destroy it until they destroy it because the ultimate goal is to destroy our Bill of Rights and substitute it with the socialist UN Declaration of Human Rights, the one FDR liked so much.

Loretta Lynch has been busy silencing dissenters against leftist agendas and leftist supporters in the name of tolerance. The DoJ since Holder has been transforming rules about discipline and imprisonment to nationalize both, taking away states’ rights, all in the name of protecting the “oppressed minority” in schools and in prisons.

The minorities are any of the groups that vote left.

They’ve even decided what colleges will do in sexual assault cases, inventing a rape epidemic crisis allegedly perpetrated by white males of course – they’re still a majority and the minority must rule.

Harry Reid used his nuclear option to help Obama fill up the courts with large majorities of radical leftists so the minority could rule.

The judicial nominees Mr. Obama pushed through were not all filling vacancies, they were often added positions for far-left judges who turn around and use the US District Courts to fulfill the Obama agenda, giving him unprecedented power.

Imagine if Hillary gets to appoint 2 to 5 Supreme Court Justices.

Obama took over the National Labor Relations Board and filled leadership positions in all agencies with far-left revolutionaries.

Common Core is of course the same thing. It’s nationalizing our schools. Obama’s fake crises in Ferguson and elsewhere is to nationalize the police.

Centralized government is the way the minority gets to rule and to do so despotically.

This is how the minority become the power brokers.

This quote from SDS member Mike Goldfield recorded in “New Left Notes” in 1966 describes what is happening qute well:

“You have to realize that the issue didn’t matter. The issues were never the issues… It was the revolution that was everything. The only thing that mattered was what you were doing for the revolution. That is why dope was good. Anything that undermined the system contributed to the revolution and was therefore good.”

We now have Bernie Sanders, only an inch away from being a communist, wooing the populace with the promise of freebies and a minority must rule platform. He will push the Democrat Party to the far-left which means a small number of elite will govern us in the name of fairness and social justice.

Bernie has a plan for making this happen and Hillary, already quite left and dictatorial, will comply.

Bernie’s “Messy”, Dangerous Socialist Plan for Philadelphia

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a dude
a dude
2 years ago

pure garbage at its finest, 10 bucks my comment will be deleted