How Yahoo News Twists The Truth About ObamaCare


Read what comes out of the media and online with a jaundiced eye. Yahoo’s latest effort to pour sugar on the pile of lemons known as ObamaCare is effective if people don’t read carefully. It’s amazing what can be done with statistics and colored maps.

Yahoo says that in 2006, “nearly 44 million people (close to 17% of Americans) lacked even the most basic coverage, meaning they’d have to pay full price for any health treatment, from annual checkups to prescription medications.” [That number included people here illegally by most estimates]

By 2010, the numbers continued to rise – a worrisome trend.

“Since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, an additional 10 million people who would have previously had to pay full price for any health treatment can now afford an annual checkup, eye glasses, or birth control pills,” Yahoo News reports.

Let’s assume all that is true.

But, wait, I thought we had 44 million uninsured? Weren’t we going to insure everyone? Doesn’t that leave  33 million uninsured?

Here is the clincher from Yahoo:

“In states that embraced the ACA’s planned expansion of Medicaid, the government health care program for the poor, the number of uninsured fell by nearly 40%.

A wide swath of Western states, including California, Nevada, and Washington saw the number of their residents with insurance climb sharply. Texas (which opted out of participating in the Medicaid expansion along with several other states, mostly in the South), is now the only state where more than 22% of the population lacks coverage.”

It’s not ObamaCare we can thank, it’s the Medicaid expansion. Medicaid is the completely unaffordable “free” insurance that the rest pay for. It’s notorious for its poor services and lack of doctors because their reimbursements are too low.

If all they wanted to do is put 10 million on Medicaid for free, couldn’t we have done that without 10,000 pages of rules and a 2700 page bill?

Oh, but I forgot, now we all have free birth control.

We have drugs paid for but…prescription drugs, particularly many important generics are skyrocketing because Big Pharma wrote that section of the bill.

But we all have free checkups now, right? My insurance company used to provide me with two healthcare checkups a year. Now I get one with a Wellness visit. The Wellness visit is a list of probing questions about how I eat and my mental state.

Yahoo concludes:

“The law also raised the cost of health insurance for some people who already had private coverage because it forced insurers to provide more benefits and to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

Regardless, the Affordable Care Act was created in part to increase the number of Americans with health insurance. And it’s undoubtedly achieved that goal.”

Sixty year old men have to pay for pregnancy services and my ninety year old Aunt paid $10,000 out of pocket for her hearing aids. My son has a $12,700 deductible and $70 co-pays which means he has no insurance really.

Even the pre-existing conditions aren’t limitless nor is keeping your child on your insurance. My sister-in-law couldn’t afford to put her daughter on her insurance – it would have cost her over $500 a month.

The fact is that 71% of the ObamaCare signups are traced to the Medicaid expansion.  Get the facts at the Daily Signal where they use the left’s own distorted information to convey the facts.

Who is going to pay for this? The idea was that young people would pay more and use services less, supporting the elderly, poor and infirm. That didn’t happen but would you know it from the yahoo article?

The CBO says we are going to save money. That’s the whole garbage in, garbage out theory at work.

How are they not going to ration care and where are the doctors going to come from who are willing to get paid minimally for their services?

Don’t forget, you can’t keep your doctor or your health plan. We could have been spared all that if we had only put 10 million on Medicaid.



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