“I Won’t Compromise” – Barack Obama


“Our job now is to get a majority in Congress to reflect the will of the American people.”  – Barack Obama, November 9, 2012.

(Photo: AP)  President Obama tells supporters he won’t compromise after telling the world he would.

This from the man who has totally ignored the “will of the American people” at every turn.

This from the man who totally ignored the “will of the American people” when over 60% of them told him they didn’t want Obamacare.  And most still don’t!

This from the very same man who totally ignored the “will of the American people” in 2010 when his political party suffered the worst defeat in election history.  He, and his political cronies, proceeded to run up the worst deficit in American financial history – now well over 16 trillion dollars and still climbing at about a million dollars per minute.

This from the very same man who just last week said he was ready to compromise, to reach across the aisle, to work with Republicans and avoid the “fiscal cliff”.

This is “because I won” all over again.  This president has no intention of compromise on any issue.  He has four more years to bull and jam his socialist agenda into place and so, for him, it begins anew.

Without compromise, he leaves the House of Representatives with no option except to defeat every piece of legislation he refuses to even discuss.  His Senate commander – Majority Leader Harry Reid – has at least 23 pieces of jobs creating legislation, already passed by the House, sitting on his desk and he refuses to even address them.   And this is compromise?

In so doing, Reid has totally refused to recognize the “will of the American people” who sent those Representatives to the House in 2010 to create jobs.

If he’s bent on destroying the country, let him do so without help.

Taxes for everybody are set to rise Jan. 1 due to the expiration of the Bush tax rates and other measures.  That, combined with the triggering of automatic defense and domestic spending cuts, amount to what is known in Washington as the “fiscal cliff” — an austerity blow so severe that a Congressional Budget Office report warned this week that it would cause a recession and drive unemployment up to 9.1 percent.


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