ICE Agents Are Now ‘Resident Advisers’ for Illegals


KXAN reported that a new detention facility has been made into a family friendly environment for illegal women and children at the Karmes County Recreational Facility in Texas, pictured below with the welcome sign.

Karnes County Residential Facility

We welcome illegal aliens.

Detainess are now called “residents” and guards are called “resident advisers.”

They’ve turned ICE into a social work agency. We don’t need agents to mind the border apparently.

Families will be given a health examination upon arrival along with six sets of fresh clothing for each member. Doctor attention will be available at all times and residents will have access to a dentist.

Other amenities include recreational fields, a library, internet access, and a cafeteria which will serve three, all-you-can-eat meals a day. Certified teachers will also be on site to provide year-round education.

They are going to give the illegals jobs. They will pay them $3 a day for four hours of work. Obviously the unions will need to unionize them since it’s not even minimum wage.

The U.S. taxpayer also gets to pay for lawyers for the illegals. A pro bono immigration attorney service will be available on-site  and those seeking asylum will have an opportunity to see an immigration judge.

Some other benefits a lot of citizens don’t get but will pay for:

  • Aside from freedom of movement and visitors being allowed from 8 am to 8 pm each day – that ICE agents have to manage and supervise – they will have cable television in each 8-person suite.
  • Recreation activities include exercise equipment, a soccer field, basketball court, and volleyball court.
  • A computer lab allows some internet access and email services.

ICE is now a resident advisory service and illegal immigrants are welcomed with open arms using taxpayer funds. There will be no assimilation to our values. We are inviting people to come here and live off the producers.


Check out this video:

The drug smugglers, coyotes, illegals are streaming in and now we welcome them. Watch them pour in on this video, courtesy


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