Illegal Aliens Backed by George Soros Threaten to ‘Punish’ Republicans



FAIR protest photo with the commie symbol

Illegal aliens and other open borders activists are threatening and harassing Republican lawmakers thanks to several George Soros-funded groups including The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and Center for Community Change. Indirectly, all of these ‘protests’ are coming from socialist George Soros.

The groups have decided to step up confrontations against Republicans in all public forums since Speaker Boehner said immigration reform is unlikely this year because no on trusts Barack Obama, as well we shouldn’t.

The activists have promised to be ‘a thorn’ in the sides of Republicans with escalating ‘relentless and constant confrontations’ against any lawmaker who isn’t supporting amnesty and ‘citizenship now.’

Kika Matos, a leader at the Center for Community Change, the parent organization of FAIR, said ‘Republicans may have decided they will take the political gamble of ignoring immigration reform at their own peril. They need to know that choice has serious consequences.’

Rep. Guitierrrez, a rabid far-left open borders proponent warned Speaker Boehner he wouldn’t be ‘spared.’

These groups are going to ‘punish’ Republicans.

They crashed a House subcommittee hearing Tuesday on asylum fraud screaming ‘Citizenship now, families together.’ They not only want amnesty and citizenship now, they want chain migration.


fair immigration reform protest when they aren’t waving US flags for the cameras via the Daily News blog

FAIR is convinced that if Congress doesn’t act, Obama will use his pen and phone to pass amnesty.

Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, another Soros-funded group, said,  “If Republicans don’t pass it, the President will act,” Sharry said. “And we will fight until we get a Congress that will pass the permanent reform that the vast majority of Americans want.”

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