Immigration Bill Hurts Black Americans


stanley farms

photo of Stanley Farms

Blacks in America have the highest unemployment, especially among youths. There is reason to believe that guest workers, who will be eligible for legal status under the gang of eight immigration bill, are taking jobs that would normally be open to blacks.

As the Congress discusses extending the guest worker program, black Americans are objecting to the racial bias in hiring on farms.

Blacks who live near farms want the field work but they say that farmers are illegally discouraging them from applying for the jobs because they like the foreigners who are very malleable. The Mexicans are “sacred” and do whatever they are told, according to the black groups.

One suit in Georgia is against Stanley Farms. The local unemployment is 10% and yet they are bringing in people from outside the country.

The immigration bill will make this matter worse.

We owe a lot more to American blacks than we owe to people who are not citizens or residents. Businesses need to be held to account, not assisted in ignoring US workers.

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