Iran Says Nuke Deal Reached


Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif has tweeted that a deal has been reached and drafting will begin. Allegedly, most of Iran’s capability will be suspended and fissile materials diluted. This could end up like Syria’s destruction of chemical weapons which didn’t change their regular chemical attacks.

It’s not known how sanctions will be handled but only three days ago, Iran was demanding the relief of sanctions as a first step.

On March 31st, Hamid Baeidinejad, the director general for political and international security affairs at Iran’s Foreign Ministry, told the Press TV correspondent in Lausanne that Tehran and the P5+1 had only minor issues left to resolve.

Tehran Daily reported:

“Sanctions have many aspects, there are unilateral sanctions, US sanctions, EU sanctions, UNSC sanctions… I should say that many of these aspects have been resolved, but still there are some limited areas that also need to be resolved, and we are now concentrating on those remaining technical aspects with regard to the sanctions.” Baeidinejad told Press TV.

He added that oil, gas, and banking sanctions will be lifted as soon as a comprehensive deal is implemented, noting, “The termination of oil sanctions, gas sanctions, financial banking… many of them have been resolved… But still there are a limited number of areas that are still under negotiations, which we hope we can resolve them and then we can admit that the whole issue of sanctions is resolved.”

“We are now concentrating on some limited aspects of issues related to the overall sanctions, particularly sanctions of the UNSC, and only we are concentrating on those limited aspects now,” Baeidinejad added.

We will update as information comes in.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been expressing his concerns over the last few days and Sen. McCain basically too Israel to “go rogue.”



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