Iran Serves As U.S. Ground Troops in Iraq


Mr. Obama has set up a unique way of fighting wars. To fight ISIS, he has turned the ground war over to Iran. In fact, he has given Iraq to Iran after so many of our men and women gave their lives, their health, their mental well-being to free the people of Iraq.

Our president likes to take Middle Eastern nations out of the hands of one evil group and turn them over to another even more dangerous group.

The NY Times article said Republicans are “putting pressure on him” and he is trying to avoid putting U.S. ground troops in. They didn’t mention that we have troops on the ground we won’t support such as Kurds, Assyrian Christians, Jordanians, Egyptians, and so on. The U.A.E. and other nations in our coalition saw we were not serious and have conducted 0 – as in zero – sorties.

Iran is fighting with Iraq to take back Tikrit. They are completely in control.

War planners are monitoring, however, we are assured by the Times.

The NY Times wants us to believe and national security experts want us to believe that Iran’s involvement is helping the Iraqis hold the line against Islamic State advances until American military advisers are finished training Iraq’s underperforming armed forces.

It’s hard to know if they are naive or just lying.

The following statement is ultimately the truthful one.

“The only way in which the Obama administration can credibly stick with its strategy is by implicitly assuming that the Iranians will carry most of the weight and win the battles on the ground,” said Vali R. Nasr, a former special adviser to Mr. Obama who is now dean of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too — the U.S. strategy in Iraq has been successful so far largely because of Iran.”

Iran broke the siege of Amerli last August. We provided air cover at the time.

Iran’s Quds Forces helped free the city of Baiji.

Check out the photos of Iran’s General Suleimani with the Iraqi forces, photos are from Business Insider.

General Suleimani Iran with Iraq forcesAs Business Insider describes it, it’s scary how much Iran is in Iraq. Check out the billboard and keep in mind that the U.S. has a sunset clause in the nuclear deal. The first sign is in Baghdad and the second is on an Iraqi truck.

Iran in Iraq_1

iraq shiite fighters basra iran

General Suleimani led a deadly attack on U.S. forces in Iraq and is responsible for the loss of the lives of thousands of U.S. soldiers. He’s leading our ground troops.

General Martin Dempsey, an Obama mouthpiece more than he is a general,  said it could be “a positive thing” provided it did not exacerbate sectarian tension.

We are giving Iraq to Iran and he thinks it could be a good thing and, as a footnote, Iran always commits atrocities against Sunnis.

Iran will have regional hegemony with U.S. blessings.

W abandoned Iraq and now the they have turned to Iran.

“The U.S. stayed all these years with the Iraqi army and never taught them to use drones or how to operate a very sophisticated communication network, or how to intercept the enemy’s communication,” he said. “The Hashid Shaabi, with the help of (Iranian) advisers, now knows how to operate and manufacture drones.”

Hashid Shaabi is a branch of the Iraqi government.

Read the full stories at the NY Times and Business Insider




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