Iran’s Lead Negotiator Says Marie Harf Lied About Sanctions And The White House Fact Sheet Is Wrong


Fars news agency (Iranian propaganda news outlet) is reporting that Iranian Deputy Lead Negotiator Seyed Abbas Araqchi (photo below) accused the U.S. of misinterpreting (lying) the sanctions relief agreement.

In the past few days, Iranians have said that the Foreign Minister was bullied into saying there was a deal. The supposition from that, if we are to believe them, could be that the U.S. lied because they wanted a pretext for moving forward. There is also that soundbite opportunity not to be missed.

Marie is a liar

Marie Harf said on Friday that “we expect for the anti-Iran sanctions suspension piece to happen generally within the first year, but again, if Iran takes these steps more quickly, then the suspension can come more quickly.” Harf added that “Iran will receive sanctions relief” only after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifies that Tehran has taken steps to implement the “agreement reached in Lausanne, Switzerland on Thursday.

“This is a wrong impression about the Lausanne understanding,” Araqchi told the state-run TV on Saturday.

“The Lausanne statement explicitly states that the sanctions will be annulled; all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions will be removed in the first stage,” Araqchi stressed.

Araqchi added, “the contents of the White House factsheet about the Lausanne agreements are wrong, and the statements made by the (US State Department) spokeswoman are wrong too.”

“And if the Americans have an impression other than this, well it will surely be the topic of negotiations in the next round of the talks,” Araqchi added.

The Ayatollah has insisted that the sanctions be removed on day one for a deal to take place. Tehran Daily said Saturday that the Ayatollah’s guidelines have served as a ‘torch’ for talks. He served as the “light” to advance nuclear talks, the paper said.

To be realistic, the sanctions regime is already all but gone as a result of the talks.


The quasi-agreement reached Friday has only served to move the goal posts. Iran will demand more and even if they don’t get it, the sanctions are already all but gone.

In addition, it has given Iran tremendous credibility and regional power from which to launch their terrorist attacks and then lie about it.

And as far as the inspections are concerned, they’re a joke.

The UN’s IAEA recently reported that Iran has failed to provide information and access to areas in Iran and failed to answer the majority of questions they have.

In the report, the atomic agency said it is impossible to verify details of Iran’s nuclear program without a far more intrusive and intensive inspection regime than the Obama regime appears willing to accept.

There are sites in Iran that have never been inspected and far worse sites we are not even asking about. Iran has replied to only one of 12 possible military dimensions, including Parchin, which is a huge base. There are deep underground bases we have not seen.

Without a verification system, Iran is assured of getting the bomb.

The Iranians have never and will never allow inspections of any facility they say has a military dimension.

As former Ambassador Bolton said, fuggetaboutit – these inspections won’t happen. The administration is “just making things up.”


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