ISIS Terror Doctors Who Don’t Need Jobs From Barack Obama or Marie Harf


Barack Obama tried to paint a portrait of terrorists as poor, deprived people who need jobs and he believes the solution is not war but employment. It is poverty and George Bush who cause terrorism, according to the president. The evidence has shown otherwise.

We have this latest example of ISIS-lovers who don’t need jobs.

Eleven international medical students, one an American, seven British, two Sudanese, and one Canadian, crossed into Syria to help mend ISIS terrorists – or worse. They told their families they are doing volunteer work.


Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, an opposition Turkish lawmaker, told The Observer that he had spoken with the students’ families, who were convinced their loved ones wanted to work for ISIS and were asking him for help tracking them down in neighboring Syria.

“They have been cheated, brainwashed. That is what I, and their relatives, think,” Ediboglu said, according to the newspaper.

But he also stressed that the group did not travel with the intention of joining the battle.

“Let’s not forget about the fact that they are doctors,” he told The Observer. “They went there to help, not to fight.”

Eight of the group are medical students who have just graduated and three others are in their final year of medical school, he said.

They’d been studying in Khartoum, Sudan – an interesting place to send one’s child. Parents said they wanted their children to get in touch with their culture and their children ended up indoctrinated instead. Is that surprising to these parents?

Does it matter if they were brainwashed? Couldn’t we say that about every ISIS fighter?

The liberal media are all reporting they were brainwashed innocent young people. They are young, ages 19-25.

However, if you look at the shot of the smiling girl below, one of those who joined ISIS, she hardly looks to be in a trance.

As for their not joining the fight, they are part of the ISIS fight and how often they pick up a gun seems irrelevant. If they have to fight with ISIS, should the choice present itself, they are obviously prepared to do that.

Several of the parents are now in Turkey, reportedly desperate to get their children back. It’s a tragedy for these families.

The smiling selfie that Lena Maumoon Abdulqadir sent to her sister before she entered Syria.The Guardian reported that among the Britishers was Dr. Maumoon Abdulqadir, age 19, who sent this smiling selfie (pictured above) to her sister via WhatsApp shortly before she joined ISIS. She looks happy to be joining the fight.

The students’ purpose is allegedly to volunteer at ISIS-run hospitals, but who knows at this point. The parents of the new-terrorists believe they have gone into ISIS territory to help.

The U.K. government said their citizens would not necessarily face consequences as long as they weren’t fighting. That seems a very low bar for obvious subversives. They’re helping horrible terrorists who seek the destruction of the West.

In the U.S., we will do nothing if our subversive returns. According to The Daily Beast and former congressman Tim Bishop, we have already allowed ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters back. The FBI supposedly watches them.

As for the eleven “brainwashed” students, they have contact with their families via social media and according to NBC news, they say they are fine and staying “at a beautiful house.”

They don’t sound brainwashed to me. They sound like newbie terrorists who are doing exactly what they want to do and, and this is very important, they don’t need jobs.


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