ISIS Won’t Come Across Our Open Borders Silly


Former Senior Policy Advisor to Homeland Security Chair, Joshua Katz, says “it’s very very true ISIS may have crossed the border.”

It has been known to all of us for a while that Mexican cartels have been working with ISIS.

Katz said, “ISIS is a group that will do whatever it takes in order to accomplish its goals. It’s very brutal. It’s very aggressive. They’re going to do anything, and if that means working with cartels, if that means working with other enlisted groups in order to attack the homeland, they will do that. Other groups like Al Qaeda, or other terrorist groups who have a desire to hit the homeland will also use that … we have this sort of this double front aggression toward American borders” he added.


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Common sense tells us that they will come over the border. They have made it clear that they want to convert us or kill us. Lt. Col. Peters says “Sooner of later, they will get through.”

While they plot, Mr. Obama golfs. He doesn’t care. He’s not a leader, he’s a figurehead.


Federal authorities sent a bulletin to U.S. law enforcement Friday warning them to be on the lookout for any ISIS threat though there is no known threat.

The notice pointed to a tweet from one of ISIS’ many social media proficient members who said fighters are already in major U.S. cities, such as Chicago and Washington D.C., and who declared: “You are our goals anywhere.”

The tweet posted on Aug. 9, used the hashtag “#AmessagefromISIStoUS and the text “We are in your state. We are in your cities. We are in your streets.”

The message, pictured below, also included photos of an ISIS flag in front of the White House and Chicago’s Old Republic Building, seeming to imply ISIS fighters are already in the country. Time stamps on the photos were from June 20.


Former CIA officer Bob Baer told the Newsmax network that ISIS is already on this side of the Atlantic. “I have been told with no uncertainty there are ISIS sleeper cells in this country,” he said.

[pullquote]“The West are idiots and fools,” the fighter taunted, according to Reuters. “They think we are waiting for them to give us visas to go and attack them or that we will attack with our beards or even Islamic outfits.[/pullquote]

Two U.S. officials told CNN it’s not true but they also said they’re worried ISIS militants with passports might travel to the United States to launch attacks on American soil.

That’s undeniable. We’ve been warned by think tanks for over a year that it was a distinct possibility. Hundreds of U.S. citizens, 500 Brits, 900 French are fighting with ISIS. Thanks to our open borders, they don’t even need U.S. passports.

One ISIS fighter speaking with a Reuters reporter over the past few months, said their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is planning an attack on the West using sleeper cells.

“The West are idiots and fools,” the fighter taunted, according to Reuters. “They think we are waiting for them to give us visas to go and attack them or that we will attack with our beards or even Islamic outfits.

“They think they can distinguish us these days – they are fools and more than that they don’t know we can play their game in intelligence. They infiltrated us with those who pretend to be Muslims and we have also penetrated them with those who look like them.”

We are fools. I agree with the terrorist on this. When you read yahoo news and see them mocking anyone who thinks this could be  a threat, especially if they are a Republican, you don’t doubt that we are. They worry about protecting Obama and his open borders plan instead of the American people.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Demspsy, told reporters on a plane heading for Afghanistan Sunday, that he will not recommend U.S. military airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria (ISIS) until he determines that they have become a direct threat to the U.S.

He said the threat they pose is still regional. The U.S. has conducted counterterrorism strikes against the al-Qaida in Yemen because they do pose a direct threat.

The Pentagon isn’t always totally honest with the public. It was last week when Secretary of Defense Hagel said, in a joint press conference with Gen. Dempsey, that the Pentagon has declared ISIS “an imminent threat to every interest we have”, whether in Iraq or elsewhere. He also admitted that the ISIS threat could be larger than that posed by al-Qaeda itself.

They said ISIS must be confronted in Syria. Now they say they will wait.

ISIS is the wealthiest terror organization in the world. Their army is growing, partly because they can pay fighters well. Their army is disciplined and well-armed. They have consumed large swaths of land in Syria and Iraq for their caliphate.

In a major coup Sunday, ISIS seized Tabqa air base after having seized two other Syrian military bases.  They have control of Raqqa Province, which abuts the Turkish border and whose capital city, Raqqa, has long served as the group’s de facto headquarters.

They are fighting a multi-front war and seem very able to multi-task. Sending some fighters across our borders to attack us is hardly an impossible task.

When our government officials say they are not here and haven’t crossed our borders, how would they know? They can’t possibly know because tens of thousands are crossing our borders illegally each month and we have absolutely no idea who they are.

For those who are unaware, growing numbers of Hispanics in the countries to the south of us have been converted to radical Islam.

Why doesn’t our administration close the borders? It’s not rocket science.

We actually don’t have a border in some areas. Drug cartels have taken them over. The U.S. has too many enemies and not enough money to allow people to come across our borders indiscriminately.

We now have people appearing on our border in clean clothes, not a bit exhausted from their “perilous” trip.


Illegal alien groups in AZ carry backpacks, water jugs, and generally look pretty worn down when apprehended. The people in the following audio from were transported to the river’s edge in a car before crossing the river on a raft and then receiving their “permiso’s” from the Obama Administration.


Aside from the terror threat, we have to educate the children crossing at great expense. These children will become DREAMers under Obama’s illegal DREAM Act.

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) put together fact sheets for schools across the country listing all the services they are entitled to receive.

The DOE says schools can ask for proof the illegal crossers live within the boundaries of the school district. The DOE also says schools cannot ask for driver licenses or other state-issued documents which typically prove residency.

Doesn’t this concern you? Even a little bit? Aren’t you just a little outraged that drug cartel couriers are dropping people off at our door and we are doing nothing?

I posted an audio last week where Border Patrol discusses Chinese crossing our borders. Chinese nationals are also not friends of ours.

It has been admitted to in the main stream media, since 2007, that the Mexican drug cartels are openly involved in Middle Eastern terrorist groups.

The Peruvian drug cartel, the Sanchez-Peredes cartel, is the arms and drug supplier to the Sinoloa cartel. The Sanchez-Peredes get their arms from Hamas and are also tied into the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.

ISIS, which includes members from most mid-east terrorist groups, is rampaging across Iraq and into Syria armed with abandoned American military equipment which should have been destroyed when our troops left Iraq. They are planning global jihad with the United States in their crosshairs. What a great time to adopt an open borders policy in the United States so Democrats can have their one party rule in perpetuity.



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