It’s That Time Again: Obama Sends the Military a Selfie for Thanksgiving


Barack Obama expressed his appreciation to the military in a selfie this Thanksgiving.

Obama is missing his pen in the picture. We know he has one. He has a pen and a phone. He also has a lot of photos of himself and apparently none of the military.

Narcissist in Chief

This is what he does. He commemorates others with pictures of himself taken by his private photog.

He celebrated Women’s History Month with a picture of himself. Guess he couldn’t think of memorable women to put into a photograph. Certainly none as memorable as him.


Look at how he paid tribute to Neil Armstrong.


He couldn’t even find a photo of Rosa Parks apparently.


Mandela didn’t fare any better.


How do you like his portrait in the U.S. embassy in London? George and Abe look a little dwarfed, don’t you think?


He only pays tribute with pictures of himself.

Here is as Narcissus:



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