It’s the Bad Attitudes, It’s the Gangs, It’s Not the Cops


Blacks are arrested because of white cops, at least that is what the black and white leftists believe.

It’s not the core problem and this one-sided conversation needs to stop. Police and criminal justice reform are meaningless unless we do something about the gangs. Shipping more gangsters in from foreign countries through our system of open borders is definitely not the solution.

One of the criticisms we hear is that police officers are abusing black people by stopping them unfairly for traffic violations but there is another side to that story.

Here is one small personal experience I’d like to use to illustrate.

So there I am sitting in traffic court and a black woman is being accused by a police officer of cursing the officer out when he stopped her for a traffic violation. She called him a  f……g pig in an endless tirade of vulgar invectives. It apparently went on quite a while.

The judge was still thinking of letting her off with traffic court and said we will take a look at your traffic record and if it’s not bad, we can do something for you.

With that, she screamed, “This is f……g!” There was a collective sigh in the court with people slapping their hands on their foreheads in frustration. The judge slapped her with a $150 dollar fine to which she mumbled some curses.

The judge told her you may get away with that in some places but not in this court. He told her she now had a $250 fine and if she kept it up, she could spend a day in jail.

Pay the fine and have a nice day, he said. He also told the bailiff that he should escort her and if she so much as mumbled, he should bring her back in. She didn’t return.

That is one of the stories the media would never care to hear.

Then we hear that cops are too quick to shoot, and they are easily arrested based on politics more than guilt in some cases. The Michael Brown case is one obvious example.

We have an officer who hesitated and was pistol whipped by a suspect who was probably a gangbanger or career criminal.

The officer didn’t want to be accused of needlessly killing an unarmed man.

“A lot of officers are being too cautious because of what’s going on in the media,” said the officer, who asked to remain anonymous for the safety of his family. “I hesitated because I didn’t want to be in the media like I am right now.”

When we get to the crux of the problem, it is the gang problem and black on black crime that is the real problem.

A Staten Island, New York gangbanger with the Bloods street gang, a career criminal, Garland Tyree, was in his apartment with his girlfriend when the police came to arrest him on a warrant. He didn’t want to go so he set fire to the building. When the firefighters came to put out the fire,  he shot one of the firefighters in the leg.

Tyree’s mom spoke with him via cell and had a “sweet,” three-minute conversation with him from a communications van about a block away.

“We’ll deal with this. Come out. We love you,” the mom told her son, according to sources. He replied, “I love you. I’m coming out now, Mama,” sources said.

“I’m coming out, Mama,” he said, according to the New York Police Department’s top hostage negotiator, Lt. Jack Cambria.

Instead Tyree, armed with an AK-47 despite New York’s tough gun laws, and wearing a bulletproof vest, came out shooting at cops.

This was after hours of cops extending themselves way, way too much in trying to talk him out.

Afterwards, much of the mainstream media emphasized statements by the family and gangbanger friends to the effect that he had mental problems and was on drugs. He had been in foster care and group homes.

His former defense attorney said he was “a very smart young man.”

In other words, it’s not really his fault.

There is always some excuse for evil.

“The NYPD showed extraordinary restraint and care,” de Blasio said as if it were a good thing. “The NYPD really went the extra mile here.”

Tyree has been arrested 18 times since 2004 and in two cases, he slashed people, one was so violently that the person required 60 stitches. He just got out of jail recently after being incarcerated for ten years.

The former defense attorney said he managed to turn everything good into bad and this is “what happens when you grow up in a crack-infested environment”.

Therein lies the problem so Barack Obama’s solution is to spread the misery. He’s going to move these people around into “wealthy” neighborhoods as part of his new HUD rule. This is what totalitarian social engineers do.


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6 years ago

This is beyond the comprehension of this simple minded country boy. Seems to me that, the three strike rule would of be fitting here. Now, I am sure that the taxpayers of New York, will have to flip the bill to ,bury this fine upstanding misunderstood, black man. That had issues that were not his fault. Those racist white cops and society are to blame, never mind the degenerate, that donated their DNA in his mother who probably even wasn’t around, if she could even remember who that even was! In life this piece of dung was burden to society and in death he will be also, guess he made it full circle. Born trash and died trash. Where I come from we call a spade a spade, and dung what it really is.

6 years ago

☆Wearing a bullet proof vest= HEAD SHOT!!! WITH A 50 CAL!

6 years ago

It is the other way around, it is the cops not the gangs! The cops are stopping everybody of color, spanish, black, indian, arabic, anyone with color and with the racist outlook, that they have and they tell the people they arrest for barely committing misdemeanors, that they are going to kill everybody of color that they can. Especially in New York City where they have gone out of there way to hire white racist police officers and placing them in neighborhoods that are generally places where people of color live! This is a travesty of justice. My son, got stopped for buying a joint of marijuana, and yes this is against the law, but was told by the Police Officer, a white man that, “I can not wait until the City calls us to Malitia you MFers and we are going to kill every one of you nig…s, ” my son is hispanic with a beautiful color, and the Police Officer hereafter written as” PO” went on to say, we will be on the rooftops and are going to open wide on all of you black mfr’s and I cant wait till that day”. I was of course upset to hear this, and my son, basically told the Police Officer, that he has been trained doing Civil War reenactments and that if he had the courage to take the handcuffs off, he would take him man to man, but of course, the PO did not take the cuffs off. He had to make his little 1 joint arrest, stop him and frisk him for no reason, and found the 1 joint. Yes, instead of getting the people who are dealing the narcotics because the Police Agencies KNOW who the big dealers are and who the small time dealers are, they never touch them, they instead of stopping to keep people in a knife fight from killing each other; they see it and keep rolling on by, or shooting at each other, they roll on by and wait till the gunshots are done, and then they get out of their cars and ask some questions. No, I do not respect Police Officers especially in New York because I have seen this time and time again, and they are the cowards of the streets, and why people do not come forth and help them solve crimes, because Police Officers do not really care, 95% are there to get their pay check and go home, they will not do what they were sworn to do, they probably are the ones who are getting the most money from dope dealers and so on, they get their cut of the dope dealer money, so that is why they do not take the big guys down or even the smaller ones down, no they sit their coward asses in their warm cars and wait until someone or a few people are dead, usually an innocent child or two or grandmother gets killed in the mix of bullets, when the Police Officers could have stopped it, before it got to a the point of any bullets being shot, they know where these people live and could go and arrest them, but they choose not to, they are getting their cut. The poor other 5% who really joined the Police Department to fight crime and do the right thing, I feel sorry for. The ways and means need to stop, so lazy police who are dirty need to be taken off the street and fired. Where and when this will ever happen no one really knows. This statement was made for all the dirty, lying Police Officers in New York City that I have actually seen do these things and so much more. For the Cowards who hide behind the badge. Please do not misconstrue any of these true statements for the Police Officers who are really attempting to do their jobs every day, they are so out numbered and those people deserve a medal.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Wel in no case is a simple joint a naroctic big time. Charge but my husband is white and had my whole car stripped and searched by white cops for the exact same yrs agao and reality is this you can not say he did nothing wrong bc it is in deed against the law and to say the cops are problem not.the gangs lady you are a darranged woman.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The police kill white people as well.