Jackson Hole Administrators Ban America Pride Day to Not OFFEND!

America Pride

Photo courtesy Buckrail.com at Community News Stream

The administrators at a Wyoming high school canceled America Pride Day which was to take place as part of homecoming because they didn’t want to offend the foreigners in school, who are predominantly Hispanic.

Some only arrived a month ago, said the activities director. Isn’t that more of a reason to get them right into the pride we feel as Americans or is that taboo?

The administrators didn’t want the foreign students to be left out so they left out the Americans. They’ve got it all wrong. This could have been a uniting event.

The administrators were concerned the students who are not Americans would feel badly. Feel badly to be in America?

This could have been a way to help students assimilate. What are they teaching the new students? Couldn’t they have included them in some way.

They replaced America Pride Day with College Day even though many won’t go to college.

What about the American students who will feel badly that they can’t feel pride in America in Jackson Hole?

The students took matters into their own hands and wore red, white and blue on their own.

A large group of senior students and some juniors protested by bedecking themselves with American flag capes, American flag headbands, American flag shorts and all manner of beautifully and garishly patriotic American flag ornamentation.

After school, one kid also drove a diesel truck around the parking lot with a bunch of American flags waving in the breeze.

This is how the school defines themselves on their website: The high school reflects a population of progressive and forward thinking entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals who, working with Jackson’s long established ranching, farm, and recreation communities, and the newly arrived Latino residents, are the driving force behind a thriving and prosperous western town. Shouldn’t that also reflect pride in America, the country that allows all of us – Americans and foreigners – to thrive?

What do you think? Is the school right?

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  1. The school administrators were VERY WRONG in cancelling the AMERICA PRIDE DAY. The students showed much more intelligence in their activities by doing what they did. The Latino students could and should have been invited to join in if they so desired. The biggest problem we have today in the U. S. A. is the progressive segment of society who are too danged interested in the so-called Political Correctness of everything the American Citizens say and/or do. Any person who does not allow the American Flag to fly at any place someone wants to fly it is being UN-AMERICAN and should be seriously reprimanded for their stupidity and preventing the FREEDOM OF SPEECH that the patriotic American citizens are entitled to.

    • Sorry state of affairs. So they don’t want to offend some so they offend those who are proud of their country.
      And they call themselves educators. If some are so offended, “LEAVE”

  2. Well maybe the fact that the ‘new’ inhabitants of the country don’t exactly feel a love for America is the reason why so many people are against illegal immigration. If you don’t have your heart in the country maybe you should get your rump out and just go back to your ‘other’ country. I have only one country. I only want to know who these people are that think they can have two countries and how do we get the ones with no love of America out of the country. I want my country back and I really don’t give a thought to the fact my love of my country as any affect whatsoever on those that my not hold the USA in deep regard. Just because they were weak willed and did not have the fight in them or love of their ‘other’ country enough so as to fight and die to fix the things that were wrong ‘back there’ does not mean we as Americans have to do anything different in our lives.

  3. Wow. It is a sad, sad day when we fail to acknowledge that we’re proud to be Americans and fail to be grateful for the opportunities and privileges that make this country great. It’s an even sadder day that this has happened in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a place has always prided itself on its heritage and the basic tenets of our land.

    These are divisive and trying times for our world, and our school system missed an important opportunity. It missed the opportunity to be inclusive and to remind all of us about why we should be proud and happy to live in America, no matter what our ethnicity or birthplace. Perhaps the school administration will revisit this decision and reasoning behind it? I hope so.

  4. You (the administrators) don’t want to make them “feel sad” or “left out”???? You said they are Hispanic. OK….now, WHY are they here to begin with????? They are here because in America they see they will have a better way of life. Now, if you go somewhere because you will have a better way of life WHAT IS THAT BETTER WAY OF LIFE??? That better way of life includes “American Pride Day”, the waving of our flag, the honoring of our fathers, and so much more. IF you’re coming here for that better way of life YOU BETTER START BEING PROUD WITH US FOR WHAT WE HAVE. If not, maybe you just need to go back to wherever you came from and ENJOY THAT WAY OF LIFE. And, to the school administration you need to straighten up your backbones and start being proud of your country. Stop being “afraid”. This is “the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

    • Land of the free? HAHAHAHA since when?
      It’s a myth and you Americans are so proud of it. No wonder America is a joke to the rest of the world

      • Sounds like you are one of those ungrateful immigrants that just came here to leach off of us. If you aren’t proud to be an American (sounds like you are neither proud or American) you are welcome to leave and find someplace more to your liking.

  5. Is there anyway we can contact school committee to show our displeasure with the high school administration email address etc

  6. They should have simply emphasized the contributions immigrants, especially Hispanics, have contributed to make this a country of which to be proud.

  7. What a disgrace. Our society has turned into of bunch of PC cowards. Way to lay down for those who stood up and fought for this country

  8. Perhaps it should be up to the voters of Jackson Hole to review the members of the elected school board come the next election. Also a call for the administrations resignation may be in order.

  9. You must be kidding – “inclusive” my butt. SHAME ON YOU!

    Those who would be offended (as if we should care) should go & live where they came from. SHAME ON YOU AGAIN

  10. You call yourselves educators. Why in hell do you think these immigrants moved to America in the first place. “American Pride” that’s why, they have a better opportunity here then anywhere on earth. They know it our ancestors knew it and you idiots blew it. Now what are they to think. These so called educators don’t want us to celebrate American pride day. Maybe there is nothing to be that proud of.
    Please would you liberal turds stop over thinking everything quit inserting your perverted liberal gobbly gook and let us get back to America the place everyone wants to be. Home of the free !!!

  11. Imagine my surprise when I opened this story and saw my NEPHEW in the photo! I had no idea. Good job boys. As for the administration, how about making sure the “immigrant” students are included and show them what it means to be proud to be an American.

  12. What? I would like to see the administrators face our veterans, past and present, and tell them that “America Pride Day was canceled because you thought it would offend some people”. Are you kidding me? Shame on you for showing such a very poor example to the future adults of our country.

  13. Fire all the nonAmerican supporters that are called administrators. This is our dirt not anyone else has fought and died for it . I’m sick of these turd suckers that get a little power and force their bad habits on others.liberals are killing our country, people ge t your heads out of your butts and retake our nation

  14. It is a tradgety that a school would have been ashamed like this about offending certain students! This is America and anyone living here and being educated here should be proud of this country and the flag! As a U.S. Marine, it truly is offending that anyone would would object to the flag of this great country!

  15. Teton County has been taken over by the liberal elitistes on Billionaires Row. Jackson has gone from being an authentic Western town to being another enclave of California. Thank God there are still young people there that are brave enough to stand proud to call themselves Americans.

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