Faux ‘Conservative’ Jeb Bush Supports Birthright Citizenship


Jeb Bush appears to be a little out of touch. In answer to the debate over birthright citizenship, he said he wants amnesty for any child born in this country. That doesn’t sound very conservative.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush Keynote

“If people are here illegally, they have a visa and they have a child who’s born here, I think they should be made American citizens.”

People here illegally are generally only getting visas because of Obama’s illegal amnesty.

Our country is a big welfare state and birthright citizenship is an invitation to lifelong welfare and chain migration.

There is an increase in birth tourism and we’ve all heard about the women rushing over the border to have their babies.

Birthright citizenship takes control of immigration out of the hands of Americans, but Bush apparently doesn’t care.

The left is trying to make the term “anchor baby” into an offensive term when it’s merely descriptive. It’s a tactic to end the debate.

How Bush handled the attack from reporters compared with Trump was interesting.

When Bush was accused of using the term Thursday, he became defensive and said it wasn’t his language. He said “it was commonly referred to that”, adding that “he didn’t use it as his own language.”

When Trump was asked about using this allegedly offensive term by a reporter Thursday, Trump responded, “You mean it’s not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it?” He suggested the reporter give him a different term to use, to which the reporter suggested “The American-born [children] of undocumented immigrants.” Trump said in response, “I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’”

Bush needs to take a leaf out of Trump’s political playbook. Trump may not be a politician and some of his views may be extreme, but he’s politically brilliant. He’s leaving the competition behind and illegal immigration is probably the main reason people support Trump.

Senator Marco Rubio is interviewed by National Journal's Major Garrett during the Washington Ideas forum, at The Newseum in Washington

Bill O’Reilly for the second night in a row said that birthright citizenship is definitely engrained in the Constitution. He had two constitutional lawyers on the show who agreed. Then Marco Rubio came on and said there is no way to change the 14th Amendment which is what would be needed. We don’t know if legislation would do it because no one will try it.

Bill O is concerned that there will be a nativist movement as a result of all this anti-illegal immigration talk. If politicians keep doing nothing, there will be more opposition to illegal immigration and birthright citizenship.

Saying there is nothing that can be done and expressing no serious interest in doing anything is what created Donald Trump the presidential candidate.

The last thing Conservatives want to hear is there is nothing that can be done about it. They want solutions. Birthright citizenship is not a nativist movement. It’s distorting immigration law.

They’re all tone deaf.


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6 years ago

I didn’t read the article because it started out calling the RINO JEB a Conservative. JEB supports CommieCore education, illegals, and UN Agenda 21.

6 years ago

of course he does!! freaking liberal!!