Jeh Johnson Thinks Turkish Terrorists Crossing Our Border Illegally Is Ok If They’re Kurds


The Washington Times reported that four Turkish terrorists were caught in Texas after being smuggled across our border for a mere $8000.

Secretary Jeh Johnson’s response is they were Kurds and are on the same side as we are. That makes it okay. Who even believes him. He’s a known liar.

Jed’s own department put them on a terrorist watch list.

Why would Kurds fly here? What is their purpose? In any case, the bottom line which Johnson seems to be missing is that it’s illegal.

The terrorists flew from Istanbul through Paris to Mexico City in August. They were stashed in a safe house until September 3rd when they attempted to cross our border.

Some members of Congress believe they are terrorists but Homeland Secretary and Obama stooge said that they were part of the Kurdish resistance.

Johnson’s straw man argument is irrelevant and couldn’t be more beside the point, if you even believe him. The fact that terrorists or potential terrorists crossed our border leads to the obvious fact that many more are getting through and not all will be resistance fighters.

President Obama is preparing to destroy what remains of our immigration system with executive orders, memorandums, and agency overreach. We must remember that border security is national security. There is no way that millions of illegal aliens can be given amnesty without weakening border security, especially since they are not being vetted in any significant way.