John Bolton – CIA Not Telling the Truth About Why Iran and Hizbollah Were Left Off the Terrorism List


Bolton on terrorism list

The U.S. World Threat Assessment of 2015 left Iran and Hizbollah off the terrorism list but the office of the Director of National Intelligence claimed it happened as a result of a formatting error. Everything related to Iran was left out by accident. The two worst terrorist groups were somehow lost in the formatting.

In an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s show, On the Record, former Ambassador Bolton said with certainty that it’s a “flat lie”.

“The format of this year’s report is exactly the same as last year’s report. People who would say that this is a format change are weasels,” he said.

Greta Van Susteren added that they are “lying weasels” and asked if they thought “we were that stupid”.

Iran, Bolton believes, wants to be freed not only of sanctions but of being named state sponsors of terrorism.

You ask yourself ‘how could this happen?, Bolton said, “and I think there’s a pretty clear explanation. I think the Iranian negotiators told the American negotiators, You’ve got to start going easy on us on this terrorism stuff because what they want is not simply to be freed from the sanctions that were imposed because of the nuclear program, they want to be freed from the sanctions that have been thirty plus years because of their state sponsorship of terrorism.”

It’s more than simple lying, it’s Orwellian, Bolton believes.

“So what we’re having now is an Orwellian example of disappearing references to Iran and its proxy Hezbollah from the terrorism report.”

Bolton said “a congressional committee should have John Brennan [Director of National intelligence] in front of them and not let him go until he admits he’s going to withdraw the report and put the truth back in.”

Bolton sees it as a concession by the Obama administration to get a deal and wonders what else might come out of their desperation.