John Edwards Going To Jail? Suicidal?

Don't Let The Smile Fool You

John Edwards is looking at jail time. A huge fall for a man who would be President. He is possibly suicidal over the prospect. In early March, his legal team told him there was a strong chance he could be indicted, and John completely lost it. ‘He cried his eyes out and said, “I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first!”‘

After two years of investigation, the Feds have okayed indicting John Edwards. The government is not looking to letting him off the hook and it is likely that Edwards will take his chances with a jury.

A couple years ago, while I was standing at the supermarket checkout, The National Enquirer headline screamed something like –Edwards Caught Visiting Love Child. It was one of many sensational headlines on page one and, since John Edwards was running for President at the time, I didn’t take it seriously. However, every time I went to the supermarket, I saw the paper persisted with these articles, complete with grainy photos of John Edwards holding the love child. It sure looked like John Edwards.

Their description about his sneaking into the hotel to visit the baby at 3 in the morning seemed to coincide with my impression him. But then, common sense prevailed and I thought about his terminally ill wife, and I realized he couldn’t do that. Or could he? As it turned out, of course, he could and did indeed carry on an affair, complete with love child. Not only did he do that, but he apparently used $750,000 – 1,000,000 in campaign funds for the support of Mom and child. I remember when he was campaigning, one of the TV stations interviewed an Edwards neighbor (across from Edward’s mansion are trailer homes) who lived in a trailer. He described Edwards as a snooty, uncaring individual whom neighbors tried to engage without success. It completed my picture of him as a man who let success go to his head and what a long way to fall when you were once a contender for President of the United States, and later, Vice President.

For a while, a donor stood by John Edwards saying he gave him funds for personal use,  but the donor died. John Edwards is alone now and about to be indicted for the illegal use of campaign funds. Edward’s wife died living apart from him and it certainly is a tragedy for his children. When Barack Obama won the nomination, John Edwards was the number one contender for the VP position. I guess we caught a break here.

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