John Kasich Liked the CNBC Moderators


Ohio Gov. John Kasich Announces Candidacy For President

The CNBC moderators didn’t see Kasich as a threat and were polite to him so he decided to make all those complaining look small for doing it. The CNBC moderators used the Hillary Clinton talking points to attack the GOP candidates and to drive up their ratings because they have a teeny audience.

The moderators were ill-prepared or lied. Becky Quick quoted from a false story to challenge Trump and John Harward claimed he didn’t take back an attack on Rubio when his take-back-tweet is still on his Twitter account. The questions were nasty and yet, John Kasich saw the need to defend them. He seems like a go along to get along candidate. Am I wrong?

Listen to this exchange between Stuart Varney and John Kasich on Fox Business Wednesday.

KASICH: “Don’t you think it is fair to begin to talk about what is realistic and what is fantasy.”

VARNEY: “Yes, sir. Entirely fair. What do you think?“

KASICH: “Everybody is criticizing them. I thought that they did find. Things were kind of controlled did there was some questions that people ask. By and large, a fairly controlled debate. I got the time that I wanted, not all the time, and I was pretty satisfied he had they are not the greatest way to decide who should be president of the United States, to tell you the truth.”

VARNEY: “They were not condescending to you, were they?”

KASICH: “I did not feel conned and send it. It sort of turned into a few attack the moderators, you get applause. I get that. Another presidential campaign. For me, they treated me fairly. If they hadn’t, I would tell you. They gave me the time I was looking for. At times cut me off, but that’s okay.”

Kasich-Trump kerfufle during the debate

Do we need a go along to get along president after eight years of Obama?

The government is growing exponentially and we are losing our freedom. Can he accomplish the difficult task that lies ahead?

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