John Kasich Tries to Sell Americans About to Be Scammed on a “Very Cool” Convention


John Kasich is rejoicing on the idea of an ‘organic’ brokered convention.

“Donald Trump is going to fall short — this is the way it is going. If he doesn’t have the right numbers than we are in a multi-ballot convention, and what’s the big deal about that? Other than it is exciting, and this year, is there anything else to be expected? I’ll tell you what will be great about it. Think about how much education our kids are going to get about the way we pick a president, it will be fantastic in this country… Instead of spending their time looking at these Hollywood stars… I think it will be very cool.”

Kasich is still pretending he’s not establishment and the only reason he isn’t leading is because the media didn’t cover him. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a blowhard who bores people within seconds of opening his mouth.

He continues to pretend the establishment doesn’t like him, he energizes people, his agenda is “shock and awe”, and  he’s done it all in Ohio.

Watch it to believe it:

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6 years ago

All he does is tell how great he is. We already have a useless idiot like him sitting in the WH right now. American people have rejected old establishment types like him and Bush .Even Hillary is going to have a tough time. Just look at the Bern and his cash.