Journalists Blast Josh Earnest After He Lies About Ransom Payment to Iran


Anyone who believes the White House when they say they don’t pay ransoms would have to be an incredibly naive person. What they did is called money laundering.

The reporters blasted Josh Earnest Wednesday as he struggled to blame right-wingers in Iran and Republicans for what was obviously a ransom payment. With a straight face, he used the right wing conspiracy excuse but it’s hard to believe he can keep this up for any length of time.

There is new detail added to this story which we address below. Earnest wants people to believe that sneaking in $400 million in cash under cover of night, coinciding with the release of the hostages at the moment the money was received, and not telling Congress is irrelevant.

“No rational person would think this isn’t a ransom payment”, Megyn McCain said on “Outnumbered” Wednesday. “We are funding terrorism”.

Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism.

The $400 million was sent out in cash, with tax dollars, in the dead of night, on an unmarked cargo plane, unbeknownst to Congress, on palettes in Swiss Francs and Euros that were finagled with banks in Switzerland and Holland, and, finally, the cash landed on the day the US hostages left Iran.

Earnest tried to say that we know what Iranians are doing with the money – the billions we have given them – and they are using it for infrastructure. We don’t even know what the US government does with the money in the US and there is no possible way we can know how Iran is spending money.

Lying CIA Director John Brennan said the same thing last week – that we know where the money is going. There is no way to trace cash and foreign currency.

It’s obvious the $400 million in foreign cash will be used for terrorism, at least in large part. They would freely use it for their ICBM program which the Iran deal didn’t address. The nuke deal allows Iran to have a nuclear bomb in ten years.

While it would have been illegal for the administration to use US currency, the US is allowing Iran to have access to US dollars via foreign banks even though we were promised that would not happen.

Iran perceives it as a ransom and that’s how it was explained to the Iranian people. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards boasted as soon as the deal was completed that the US succumbed to Iranian pressure.

This $400 million, $1.7 billion total, is not money due Iran. This was a case before The Hague and this was a settlement. Iran wants another $2 billion that is slated to go to victims of Iranian terrorism.

Iran now has 2 to 4 more Iranian-American hostages as well as European hostages and their support for terrorism continues. They announced the “capture” of an Iranian-American two days ago.

Why should we believe a thing the administration says? Ben Rhodes bragged about lying to the American public over the Iran deal.

Iran only last week said, death to America, death to Israel, and we gave them more than one hundred billion to help fund terrorism, their nuclear program and their ICBM program.

Iran has said they will never hold any other talks with the US and just today said they want to hold talks with the EU over human rights issues but without the US, Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani said.

“They (the Americans) showed in the nuclear deal (between Iran and the world powers) that they are cunning and as the Leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) said we will not have other deals (with the US) like the nuclear deal and other negotiations,” he said.

“We should hold talks with the Europeans since we believe in our words (on human rights issues),” Amoli Larijani added.

So much for our improved relations. They don’t respect weak sympathizers who appease.


The administration gave material support to terrorism, of that there is no doubt.

The Department of Justice objected to the payments but they were overruled. The administration doesn’t care about the law. They are lawless and will continue to be. How much more lawless do you have to be than to provide material support to the enemy who wants us dead?

The DoJ now says they agree with the result.

Charles Krauthammer talks about one aspect of the lawlessness.

If you missed the background story, here it is:

RANSOM: Obama Paid $400 Million in Cash at the Exact Same Time US Hostages Were Released



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