Judge Nap Rails Against FBI’s “Assault” on Privacy with a “Major Step” Towards a Police State



The FBI wants the authority to access the internet activity, the browsing history, of any citizen without a warrant, another “assault” on the Fourth Amendment as Judge Napolitano said.

The lawmakers in the Republican congress are probably going to give the FBI unfettered access.

“This law will pass because the Congress doesn’t give a damn about whether it’s unconstitutional,” Judge Napolitano charged. “[T]he American people should wake up. … This is a major step toward a police state.”

He’s right after having listening to some of the welcoming comments during the hearings that included a discussion of the proposal.

We keep hearing about how honorable and trustworthy Jim Comey is but now he wants to be able to get Americans’ browser history without a warrant.

FBI Director Comey has characterized the legislation as a fix to “a typo” in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which he says has led some tech firms to refuse to provide data that Congress intended them to provide.


Tech firms and privacy advocates like google and Facebook say the bureau is seeking an expansion of surveillance powers that infringes on Americans’ privacy using a facade of protecting Americans.

Lawmakers are advancing the legislation at the FBI request.

Records can include a person’s Internet protocol address and how much time a person spends on a given site.

Comey said that making this change to the law is the bureau’s top legislative priority this year.

The inability to obtain the data with an NSL “affects our work in a very, very big and practical way,” he told the Senate Intelligence Committee in February.

Cornyn said that what he characterized as a “scrivener’s error” in the law is “needlessly hamstringing our counterintelligence and counterterrorism efforts.”


These so-called representatives can’t wait to give away our Fourth Amendment rights. It’s too annoying for these people to follow the Constitution as they go on a fishing expedition in their sweeps that pull in innocents.



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