Kasich Rips Into All Republicans For This One Big Failure


Governor John Kasich has again ripped into all Republicans and the reason is because they do not come up with ideas like his — Democrat ideas. He told the WaPo that he is the ONE Republican running with ideas.

In an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday, John Kasich disingenuously bemoaned his counterparts in the race for not caring about ‘ideas’.

“See, I am a fundamental believer in ideas,” the ‘superior’ Kasich said. “If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing. And frankly, my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas. They want to be negative against things.”

That was immediately used by the left who ran off with the quote to blast it from their megaphones.

Kasich’s campaign consultant is a Democrat named John Weaver and that’s where Kasich gets his ‘ideas’.

“And if you look at Ohio, you know, we have so many ideas, new ideas, newfangled ideas in Ohio it’s unbelievable, and they’re paying off,” Kasich rambled on.

No, fracking paid off John.

Here are his ten BIG ‘IDEAS’:


Kaisch has ‘ideas’ such as supporting the Democrat idea of an Obamacare Mediciad expansion that put 670,000 able-bodied, working-age Ohioans on welfare at a cost of $7.5 billion in new federal spending.

Even with Republican majorities he chose to add free stuff.

With respect to his harsh criticisms of conservatives who opposed his expansion of Medicaid through Obamacare, Kasich said fighting conservatives is like “fighting ISIS”.

Kasich vetoed a legislative ban on Obamacare expansion before expanding Medicaid unilaterally and threatening to bankrupt Ohio’s entire Medicaid program if Obamacare funding was not appropriated. He warned critics their opposition could result in eternal damnation.

He openly campaigns against the repeal of Obamacare.


Kasich cagily skirts the Democrat Common Core ‘idea’ but he opposes a bill to let school districts choose standards other than Common Core.


He’s big on the Democrat idea of keep “green energy” mandates in place, he wants to tax e-cigarette shops out of business, and desperately wants to hike fracking taxes.

He is clueless on what drives this movement in such an extreme way.


Kasich wants to reduce the tax code, but not really, because Ohio still has nine income tax brackets and one of the worst municipal tax regimes on Earth.


Kasich was endorsed by several labor unions in 2014 because he and his legislative allies have smothered any attempt at labor reform since losing a 2011 referendum on a massive public-sector union bill.

Kasich is against any bill that stops forced union dues and right-to-work laws.


He likes to say “we are not at war with Islam” whenever there is a terror attack, doesn’t want any surveillance even of radical mosques, and offers no plan to replace those ‘ideas.’ Again, he’s clueless and without ideas.


He won’t support his fellow Republicans on delaying the nomination process of a Supreme Court Justice though it would mean a radical left appointment and radical left decisions fro decades. In a CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” the fence-sitting, mealy-mouthed “adult”  argues in favor of a president’s right to have judicial nominations confirmed.

He states:

My feeling is, at the end of the day, whoever gets elected president should be in a position to be able to pick you know who they want and the American people will either decide by voting for a Republican or Democrat what the makeup of the court is.


His campaign isn’t anti-Hillary in any way, he speaks well of her, but he is anti-Trump and anti-Cruz.

When CNBC moderators attacked the Republican candidates and basically ignored him, he praised them to make the Republicans look small.

Does anyone believe he would take it to Hillary? Anyone?


Kasich fully supports illegal immigration and has said that illegal immigrants are “a critical part of our society” and should be provided a route to amnesty. He said that to a coalition of Hispanic company executives. He gives true meaning to the term “donor class.”

“For those that are here that have been law abiding, God bless them,” he told the business group, which is a major advocate for expanded immigration.

“Then I think the [illegals] should have a path to legalization… I think that can pass,” Kasich said, using one of the euphemisms for granting legal residency to illegal immigrants.

The Ohio governor also claimed the illegal immigrants are skilled. The illegals “are a critical part of our society from doctors to engineers to lawyers– well, I don’t know if we need more of them [lawyers]– but we’ve got a lot of teachers, whatever,” he said.

He does now say he would deport but it’s not how he truly feels.


If you can trust him, the man who says “he’s not a gun guy”, he has transmuted his F NRA grade to an A.

As a House member he voted for a ban on assault weapons that became law in 1994. He had a mixed record after the NRA gave him an F. He did vote against the Brady Bill and has had a stellar NRA record as governor by not vetoing gun bills. It would be a loser in Ohio and he is a practical man – the only ‘adult’ and a postman’s son.

Democrats and left-wing media want Republicans to nominate Kasich because he’s the only one who can beat Hillary. There is no doubt they have our interests at heart. [sarcasm]

Kasich’s problem isn’t that the Republicans don’t have ‘ideas’, it’s that his ‘ideas’ run counter to theirs and in his arrogance, he’s right and their wrong. His biggest problem is he’s in the wrong party.

If Kasich’s ‘ideas’ seem different from Republicans, it’s because they are. He’s an old school Democrat with an enormous ego who thinks he’s the ‘Prince of Light and Hope’ and gets nasty with little provocation. He’s also a liar for those who haven’t noticed.

Remember this?


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