Kidnapped Son Rescued in Egypt by Pennsylvania Mother


Kalli photo of Kalli Atteyo

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To what lengths will a mother go to save her son and bring him home? One Pennsylvania mother spent all funds available to her and risked everything to rescue her son kidnapped by his father in Egypt.

Twenty months before, Niko Atteyo aged 12 was kidnapped by his father in Egypt. He was forced by his father, Mohammed Atteyo, to become a Muslim.

The father stole his son because he wanted him to grow up a Muslim. Mohammed said that Americans are corrupt and have no morals.

Niko’s mother Kalli first met Mohammed Atteyo twelve years before when he worked as a dishwasher in a Pennsylvania restaurant.  He likely married her for a visa. He left months after the birth of her son for other women, lots of them.

What an exemplar of good morals he is. I’m sure it’s the fault of the women in the US who don’t wear Burqas.

He forged his passport to come to the US originally and is wanted by authorities. He fled to Egypt during the revolution and convinced her to come to Egypt with their son to meet his dying mother. She reluctantly agreed after much coaxing, taking her sister with her for moral support. On a road trip, he convinced them to get out by the side of the road while he and the driver took off with his son on August 1, 2011.

Kalli made three return trips to Egypt, spent $100,000, some of it borrowed, hired detectives, implored the State Department for help and finally found a local in Egypt who helped her find them.

She followed them more than once while wearing a Burqa. Her son recognized her “piercing blue eyes.” The first time he saw her following them, Niko grew ashen but was relieved that he would finally get out of there.

The day came when she came up behind her son, grabbed him by the arm and told him to come with her. He obeyed without hesitating. They stayed in a safehouse for three weeks until they were able to leave undetected.

The father had forged Niko’s passport and birth certificate in the original kidnapping. Kalli worries that Mohammed will return to the US to grab their son again. She hopes that he will be arrested by the US.

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