King Abdullah – Warrior King, Barack Obama – Wimp King


How does Barack Obama measure up compared to King Abdullah of Jordan?

The Jordanian king is making good on his promise to attack ISIS, striking them both in Iraq and Syria. Barack Obama has our military blowing up pickup trucks outside Kobani.

Jordanian King Abdullah II vowed to wage a “harsh war” against ISIS and to keep firing until they have no fuel or bullets left. This is in response to ISIS’ brutal murder of the martyred pilot.

In response to the beheading of our American journalist, Barack Obama went golfing.

golfing after announcement of beheading

Barack Obama draws red lines but has absolutely no red lines.

“We are waging this war to protect our faith, our values and human principles and our war for their sake will be relentless and will hit them in their own ground,” King Abdullah said on state television.

Barack Obama doesn’t even know we are fighting radical Islam and said on television that he doesn’t know what “the organization’s” ideology is. He is worried, however, about Christians who lived in the year 1200.

King Abdullah, pilot military man

King Abdullah is a military helicopter pilot and is called the “warrior king”. In Israel, King Abdullah is known as the “courageous king”.

Barack Obama is known as the reluctant warrior. He had to be bullied into going to war and has proceeded with a show war.


King Abdullah has 35 years of military service behind him.

Barack Obama has no military service but he does have years of community organizing behind him.

community organizer

King Abdullah has guns but our king has a pen and a phone.

The Jordanian king cares about all his subjects, Barack only cares about his liberal base and not even them.

King Abdullah has united his nation behind him and Barack Obama has us all hating one another.

Barack Obama is behind Jordan though…way, way behind them.

Barack Obama doesn’t have photos of himself in military gear or flying helicopters but he does have photos of himself doing interviews with Glozell who eats fruit loops in a bathtub and then puts her performance on YouTube.

leader of the free world

In other words, I think we would do better with the King of Jordan running the country.

Bill Hemmer and Rep. Duncan Hunter discuss the response of King Abdullah to ISIS compared with Barack Obama’s.

Rep. Hunter explains what is needed from the president but which will never happen: