Kouachis Surrounded, It’s a Terrorist Operation- Two Hostage Events – Ongoing Updates


We will update as more information comes in.


Update: 12:00: At the printing company, the police distracted the Kouachis with flash bangs. The police had visual devices set up and could watch what was happening. The Kouachis came out shooting, hurt no one and they were killed. The hostage is alive.

Four hostages were killed at the onset of the Paris siege. Another four were critically injured.

Amedy Coulibaly had ten to twenty hostages in Paris and said he would kill the hostages if the Kouachis were killed. The police shut down communications before they laid siege to the printing company. Most hostages came out alive.

There was a closed circuit television that the police tapped into in the Paris deli. The police communicated with a hostage through the person’s cellphone.


Update: 11:38: All hostages have been freed at both locations according to initial reports.

The Kouachis came out of the building firing as the police entered the printing company and were killed.

Amedy Coulibaly has also been killed at the Paris deli as the police stormed.  Three police officers were injured.


Update: 11:15-11:26: The terrorist in the Paris Kosher deli – Amedy Coulibaly – said if his brothers in the printing company are harmed all his hostages will die. At the printing company, at least one man was held hostage – reports are that he has been freed and is safe. He is reported to be a manager. The Kouachis have been killed.

It is now reported that his girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene was an accomplice in the murder of the police officer yesterday. One person was killed by Coulibaly in the beginning of the attack and another seriously wounded.

There have been six explosions and gunfire at the scene of the deli where police now say there are up to six hostages, including women and children. The police stormed the deli.

Several hostages were freed in Paris.

Police vehicles and ambulances are coming down the road and reporters have been moved back.


Update: 08:27-09:22: Two are dead in the deli. The murderer is identified as Amedy Coulibaly. There are other ring leaders. Amedy’s girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene is also involved but is not believed to be in the deli. There is a heavily-armed police presence around the Kosher deli/grocery store. There are 1500 police surrounding the Kouachis at the printing company.

Two were killed in the deli and five are being held hostage. 


Update: 07:55-08:04 est: The hostage situation outside the Kosher deli is worse than originally reported. The terrorist has five hostages including women and children. The terrorist came in with an AK-47 and has admitted he was behind the killing of the police woman yesterday.

There are several ties between the Kouachi brothers and this terrorist. Authorities have found the DNA of the hostage taker in the deli in the apartment of the Kouachi brothers. He is also a known acquaintance of Said Kouachi.

SWAT teams, police, military, armored vehicles surround both hostage situations.

You are seeing the effects of multiculturalism.


Original Story: The Kouachi brothers, Said and Cherif, are hold up in a printing company in Dammartin-en-Goele, a town NE of Paris. Students in the local high school heard them chanting “Charlie, Charlie.”

An armed gunman who possibly killed a French police woman yesterday has taken a hostage at a deli.

The murder of the police woman yesterday has been tied to this operation. She was only on the job fifteen days. The killer is a known associate of Said Kouachi.

The woman was a 27-year-old rookie who “dreamed of serving her country”. The young policewoman who was gunned down as she attended a routine traffic accident in Montrouge at 8am yesterday is called Clarissa Jean-Philippe, according to the French media. (Daily Mail)

The murderer came out of nowhere in full camouflage gear.

Clarissa Jean-Phillippe

The oldest brother, Said Kouachi, was trained in a terrorist camp in Yemen. It is possible al-Qaida okayed the operation. Said said this is Al-Qaida in Yemen.

ISIS has claimed responsibility and said there will be other attacks in the UK and the US. It is not known if they are involved.

The Brothers have a hostage – a 26-year old man – and have said they want to “die martyrs.”

One of the Kouachi brothers said it’s revenge for al-Awlaki. They told this to the woman whose car they hijacked. They let her live.

Said Kouachi met with Al-Awlaki in 2011.

The editor of terrorist magazine Inspire called for the murder of these cartoonists in March.

Al-Qaida seemed to have foreknowledge of this event.

They are surrounded by thousands of police and military. This time they have guns.

Six of those killed at Charlie pictured below.

The Murdered at Charlie

Six of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and staff members killed in yesterday’s attack are pictured together in this photo above, taken in 2000. Circled top from left is Philippe Honore, Georges Wolinski, Bernard Maris and Jean Cabut. Below them on the stairs, from left, is editor Stephane Charbonnier and cartoonist Bernard ‘Tignous’ Verlhac (Daily Mail)

France has a large Muslim population who do not assimilate and live in almost 800 no-go zones. In other words, the police don’t go into them. They are run by Sharia courts.


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