Lerner Takes the Fifth at IRS Hearing, Cummings Goes Off on a Political Rant – Videos



Lois Lerner took the Fifth again today; she said her attorney told her she did not waive her rights when she made a statement proclaiming her innocence after the last hearing in which she took the Fifth.

Lois Lerner is a typical high-level bureaucrat. She is above the law. She will not own up to what she’s done. She proudly and without remorse targeted people with whom she disagreed using the power of her government office.


The ever-angry Elijah Cummings

Rep. Elijah Cummings went off on a partisan rant. He attacked Issa and got a crack in about Fox News. He has in the past said that Fox News is inventing the scandal.

After Obama and Carney said the IRS targeting was a phony scandal, Cummings followed up with the same type of attacks.

Of course it’s Fox News’ fault! They revealed the targeting to the public. Benghazi is their fault, The AP scandal is their fault. Global warming is their fault.

Apparently the war on Fox isn’t over.

Listen to a clip from Cummings’ partisan rant:

Cummings entire staged rant can be found on this link.

Darrel Issa’s Questions:

Elijah Cummings has continually harassed Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote who was one of those targeted in the “phony” sandal.

Cummings is a disgrace. At one hearing, he accused Englebrecht of racism:


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