Lois Lerner Caught on Tape Preparing to Target Conservative Groups



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How ‘phony’ is the IRS scandal when the targeting was planned by Lois Lerner after Citizens United came down? How ‘phony’ is it that Lois Lerner is on tape in 2010 talking about the pressure on the IRS to do something about the conservative groups before the election.

In the video below, Lois Lerner is caught discussing the pressure being put on the IRS to do something about the money being spent by conservatives on the election as a result of Citizens United.

The Citizens United decision allowed corporations – including 501 (c)(3)’s and 501 (c)(4)’s – to take part in the political process. It infuriated Obama. Obama said that “It gave the special interests the power to spend without limit — and without public disclosure — to run ads in order to influence elections.” This from a man who takes untold amounts of money from public service unions and foreign enterprises.

“The Federal Election Commission can’t do anything about it, they want the IRS to fix it,” Lerner is heard saying on the  tape.

The Democrats took a big hit during the 2010 election and it was after the election that the targeting began.

video via John Sexton

After the election, Lois Lerner made the unusual decision to put conservative groups through a ‘multi-tier review process’ that involved sending some files to the IRS chief counsel’s office. This was after officials such as Carter Hull said they had enough information to rule on their cases.

In other cases, such as that of Obama’s brother’s charity, Lois Lerner speedily approved the application – within a month. The charity, ostensibly in Virginia, isn’t even registered in Virginia.

Lois Lerner is currently on paid leave. She wants full immunity for any testimony on the issue.

According to the National Review online, Lois Lerner might have committed a felony by divulging information about a conservative group to the Federal Election Commission in 2008.

An FEC official’s requests for information from Lois Lerner about the conservative American Future Fund was not legal.

An FEC official said that the FEC’s techniques are a “much more sophisticated way” of discriminating against conservative groups, indicating that there is systematic targeting of right-leaning groups.

The targeting of conservatives seems to be based on a systemic bias.

Update: 08/13/13: Lois Lerner illegally used her personal e-mail account to conduct official business. Darrell Issa has written a letter to Lerner demanding the contents of the personal account.

Personal accounts can be used to impede FOIA requests.