Long Island Schools Hiring Hundreds to Meet the Needs of Spanish-Speaking Kids



“Long Island school districts plan to add more than 500 new teachers and other staff for the 2015-16 academic year, mostly to boost instruction for Spanish-speaking students…” Newsday wrote. The Spanish-speaking kids are the illegal alien children we are no longer allowed to call illegal alien children.

The article was written to praise Gov. Cuomo and Democrats for an astounding economic recovery after the greatest depression since the Great Depression according to their hyperbolic rhetoric,  but in the article, they also mentioned instruction for “Spanish-speaking students. Those are our illegal alien children.

Seventy-one of the Island’s 124 districts indicated plans for more hiring in survey forms that school officials returned to Newsday.

Brentwood’s proposed budget, for example, calls for adding 36 new teachers and other professional staff. William Floyd and Roosevelt each projects 28 new hires. Freeport and Seaford expect to add about 20 positions apiece. Most have received illegal alien children.

Newsday heaped praises on Cuomo for making hiring possible but, it they were honest, they might want to give him credit to the illegal immigrants he has poured into Long Island for making it necessary. It’s not only Long Island, it’s the entire state which he has made into a sanctuary state by decree.

The children have been placed in districts all over Long Island.

We are not allowed to know how many or where they are but then the stories start popping up about the need for ESL teachers and other support staff.

Last August, a“financially troubled” Lutheran Church on Long Island riled the community of Commack when it said it was considering housing some of the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ flooding the US border at the time.

A NYC fire fighter who lives next door said: “It’s basically going to be a hotel right next to my house.”

It was being set up to become a “hotel” for the unaccompanied alien children at taxpayer expense, according to the Daily Gazette.

Last year, ten illegal alien children went to Southampton where the former congressman lives. He said it cost the district nothing. Obviously, that is not possible unless the school won a lottery.

The influx of illegal aliens, particularly children, is taking away from the education of children who are citizens. It’s not rocket science – it is obvious and this is going on throughout the nation. The money has to come from somewhere.

In 2014 alone, 2300 were sent to Long Island and they were placed in religious facilities who were paid to do it.

The influx of illegal immigrants has sent the school district of Hempstead into turmoil but they don’t have the money to hire teachers this year.

“It is expected that children will continue to arrive in large numbers in the coming years,” says a Department Of Education memo to principals obtained by The Post.

There is no end point. The children and their families will keep pouring into Long Island, New York and throughout the nation.

This didn’t start in 2014, it’s been going on in rapidly increasing numbers since 2009.

The borders are open.

Many Long Island schools are already struggling. The money has to come from the education of the children who are citizens or it has to come from higher taxes.

When Newsday praises Andrew Cuomo, they always leave out the details that don’t support his greatness.


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