Lt. Gen. Flynn – “Incredible Policy Confusion” While There Is A Complete Breakdown of Order in the Mid-East


Update: 03/29/15: Iran is now walking away from the idea of shipping their atomic fuel out of the country. We should walk away from the deal, but we won’t.


Michael T. Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board from July 24, 2012, to August 2, 2014. Prior to that, he served as assistant director of national intelligence. He had a desperate warning for Americans during an appearance of Fox News Sunday as he regretfully framed the administration’s policy as one of “willful ignorance.”

Everyone knows the U.S. isn’t serious about stopping Iran’s nuclear weaponry. That knowledge is adding fire to the Middle Eastern sectarian war already underway. The new United Muslim Armed Forces are part of the movement by the Middle East to deal with the situation on their own. The more the U.S. pulls back, the less control we will have and both Sunnis and Shias include terrorists who hate us. It is an unfortunate time in which Islam is being taken over by radical extremists.

Nothing will stop the P5+1 Iranian nuclear deal, except perhaps the Ayatollah though that is unlikely. No matter how outrageous the attacks are from the Ayatollah, no matter how much terror Iran sponsors, no matter how dangerous they become, the U.S. will deal with Iran. According to a recent defector, the U.S. is even acting as Iran’s agent during the nuclear talks.

Iran is now considering enriching fewer than 6,000 centrifuges and shipping some out, but the country that will safeguard the centrifuges is Russia. It doesn’t get much more absurd than that.

It could have been ISIS I suppose.

The U.S. foreign policy is one of utter confusion and seems to be wholly based on a nuclear deal at all costs and with little in the way of concessions.

Fox News prepared a graphic of what our confused dealings with Iran and Saudi Arabia really look like as we are negotiating a deal with Iran.

what our dealings with Iran and Saudi Arabia look like

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that our foreign policy is one of almost “willful ignorance” at the same time we have almost a “complete breakdown of order in the Middle East.”

Lt Gen Flynn

Flynn began by describing where we are now. “We have almost a complete breakdown of order in the Middle East” and “a new Middle East is struggling to be born. Iran is clearly on the march.”

We are trying to deal with Iran while there is “A takeover of Islam by radical extremists.”  It’s very dangerous and it’s both Sunnis and Shias, “we can’t forget that”, according to Flynn.

His concern about abandoning our allies was palatable. “There is a pushback by Sunni governments because there is a lack of trust and respect for the United States”.

Flynn said that we have this “incredible policy confusion”, never mind how “we’re going to execute that policy.”

About the agreement with Iran, Flynn said, ‘we should stop right now, take a step back”…the light that is going to take us to some kind of  “nirvana” is a “train coming at us”. “It’s very dangerous”.

We need to stop the deal and take a look at what is going on in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and we need to “take a hard look at what is going on in the region,” Flynn warned.

“We’ve had no luck in that [negotiating with Iran] for thirty years.” He added, “They are not a nation to be trusted.”

“Iran is still a state sponsor of terrorism”, Flynn reminded the audience. They have ballistic missiles and in several years they will have nuclear capability.

“There is a sectarian war going on” and the escalation of the challenges we are looking at and the sectarian conflict will continue with the potential of ballistic missiles, Flynn said. We have to take care of our allies,” it’s an important issue”.

Iran and the other radical extremists “want to destroy our way of life,” and the government has an obligation to tell the American people what they’re facing.

The key is the verification system and CIA Director John Brennan has assured Americans that we would know what Iran is doing with their nuclear program. When asked about Brennan’s statement, Flynn responded with a question, how can we know what Iran is doing, we didn’t even know that one of our closest allies, the Saudis, were going in to bomb Yemen?”

“I do not trust Iran. What I’ve seen over the last thirty years of Iran, they are not to be trusted,” Flynn declared.