Man Who Wants to Reconquer the SW for Mexico Also Gets to Pick Our History Texts


Tami Jackson posted an article at Barbwire describing the liberals latest attack on history in favor of political correctness (PC). They want to ban a book for not being PC. We’ll summarize it here because it’s an invaluable look at reality vs. imaginary in the world of the Socialist aka Progressive.

Ms. Jackson reminds us that since the days of President Wilson and John Dewey, the Socialists, known as Progressives then as well, have “fought to gain control of America’s gatekeepers — academia, the media, entertainment. They’ve had many years to infiltrate and take over.

Then we had the chaos of the 60’s and Lyndon Johnson’s Great [entitlement] Society. Finally, there was Barack Obama, a far-left activist.

In the last ten years, Progressives have subtly indoctrinated. We’ve lost these institutions to brainwashers and substituted PC history for real events unless it’s something that makes traditional America look bad.

A Native-American patriot Cynthia Dunbar is trying to get a Mexican-American history text approved. She is a woman of great accomplishment and widely respected as the National Committeewoman to the RNC for VA, author, public speaker, attorney and CEO of Momentum Instruction, LLC.

Cynthia Dunbar is currently awaiting a vote from the Texas State Board of Education, Ms. Jackson said. It’s one of the most influential education entities in the nation (if Texas accepts new textbooks the nation will likely follow suit), re a textbook her publishing company, Momentum Instruction, LLC, has submitted, Mexican American Heritage.

Cynthia submitted Mexican American Heritage (not hyphenated “Mexican-American”), authored by Jaime Riddle and Valarie Angle, in that context and has been met with irascible resistance every step of the way.

Ms. Jackson said a well-known Reconquista (the crazies who want to take back the Southwest as Mexican territory – these are people who hate us), Tony Diaz, slammed the book as if his opinion should count but apparently does – a lot.

“Paradoxically, we pressed for the board to include texts on Mexican-American studies, and we achieved it, but not in the way we were expecting,” Tony Diaz, host of Nuestra Palabra (Our Word) radio program in Houston and director of Intercultural Initiatives at Lone Star College-North Harris, told the Houston Chronicle. “Instead of a text that is respectful of the Mexican-American history, we have a book poorly written, racist, and prepared by non-experts.”

Google Mexican American Heritage and the search engine will return dozens of articles, all hit pieces savaging the textbook as nothing but racism.

The problem is that it’s truthful, factual and not at all raicst.

The alleged errors cited by publications like HuffPo are ideological conflicts labeled as “errors”. Any factual errors were corrected.

The left wants a PC text.

The supposed errors of the text were not, in fact errors, but rather actual true accounts of the situations and attitudes of the day.

In an Alinsky-like flood of articles, sites accused Momentum Instruction, LLC, MI CEO Cynthia Dunbar, and the text Mexican American Heritage of promoting racism and racial stereotypes. What the book actually does with the text is factually recounts racially biased stereotypes that were historically held and used to justify inequality, Ms.Jackson writes.

There are those who praise the book but the left is trying to fully control US texts and the context. They are the loudest voices. If a book presents an opinion they disagree with, even if it’s factual, they want it out.

There are many attacks on our textbooks, just like this one and the implications are far-reaching. Texas is the textbook market. This Texas board can shape the texts children study for years.

This is a battle for the hearts and minds of children.

Read the details on the link.

One Woman Battles to Restore REAL, Not Revisionist, History to the Classroom

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