Marco Rubio’s Dramatic Fall From Grace



Marco Rubio’s campaign never really took off and it should have. Rubio is intelligent, young, handsome, a minority, and a great debater. Some might believe that it was Trump who spoiled his chances with verbal attacks, calling him Little Marco or a ‘lightweight’. In the end, it was Marco Rubio himself who destroyed Marco Rubio.

He forgot who elected him and why he was in the Senate. His voting record is poor but it goes further than that. His election was nothing less than remarkable but he promised the voters he would stand against amnesty then he violated that promise with the Senate amnesty bill.

Not only did he help write it, he became the face of the bill.

Rubio voted to fast track Obamatrade – the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. The so-called free trade was very unpopular with the people who got him elected and who helped him defeat the powerful and liberal Republican, Charlie Crist.

Laura Ingraham nailed it on Special Report Thursday night.

“A week ago [Marco Rubio] told Savannah Guthrie on The “Today Show” that he had “no regrets” about the personal stuff or the policy differences. I don’t think any of literally mattered. He didn’t look comfortable doing it. He was doing Trump to Trump. That didn’t work. He has that boy wonder kind of image. He’s a policy guy. “America is the greatest country in the earth.” So that was an odd concept.

I think what people are missing about Rubio’s decline are issues. If Rubio was the Rubio of 2010 and took down Charlie Crist and had thousands of people from across the country donating, if that was the Rubio we saw today, I think Rubio would be sitting in a very enviable position. But Rubio became more of an establishment, ruling class kind of figure on the two issues really motivating voters. They certainly did in Michigan and I think they will in Ohio – trade and immigration. I think those issues really, really in the end damaged him.

Rubio was heading for the presidency but then he forgot why he was in the Senate.


On his way out, Rubio’s telling everyone to vote for Kasich in Ohio, not him, so he can stop Trump. It’s up to you to decide if this is appropriate.


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